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  1. he has no sig... alt drivers would be clutch...
  2. I look forward to this company turning into a retail company. I really think the idea is rock solid and if enough people order them they should be able to reduce the cost and increase features at the same time. The only thing they're missing is the "not for use for personal entertainment" to put them over the top!
  3. PaulDPearl

    Nick Needham's PC tweaks

    Wow.. butthurt techs over here.. I found this post searching for Nick's bible post (which is right here). I'm quite the tech myself and would probably get by just fine without, however, in helping my pilot father setup his system, this bible will be quite useful. I don't see a need to get into a pecker-measuring contest over it.. what's the big deal? So a guy has a long, very specific, somewhat overdone guide that just about anyone can pickup and use... how did that hurt you? NEWSFLASH _ ALL PC Tweak guides contain something that probably isn't perfect for EVERYONE. I never defrag but if I were having an issue that could be related to defragging, I would certainly do so. I like using Windows Aero features, but if I were running into a problem, all those bells and whistles are the first things that I shutdown.. Here's the deal... If you want a guide, there it is - it's gonna work and the best part is that it isn't 10 years old. If you know what you're doing, the guide will still help, if you DON'T know what you're doing, the guide is invaluable. I find it refreshing that a person with knowledge is willing to share - "use common sense" isn't going to help people who have little tech knowledge.
  4. PaulDPearl

    Can I still get into Flight?

    I played it now... so I can answer that - it's a game... no debate needed. (not sure why there would be controversy here but I know how it is with fanboyism). It seemed to want to allow me to purchase and download the P-51... I'm not prepared to do that right now. FSX is the game for me, I suppose.. though it's kinda nifty (and runs smoother than FSX) but... I see now why I never heard much hype about it... it's pretty lame, to be honest.
  5. PaulDPearl

    Can I still get into Flight?

    I'm confused by this... downloads MS Flight found here. It appears you must have an XBOX Live or STEAM account in order to play online but it is otherwise free to use. I came here (AVSIM) looking to see if the community has embraced and developed for MS Flight (yet). Or what issues are present with it (e.g. is it more of a game than a simulator, but if so how much so.. ). It appears the Market Place now requires a client