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  1. aviator17

    FSLabs A320

    Hi to Guenseli and Andrew, First of all I'd like to thank you for your work with developing this fantastic application. It opens a new world towards to a home cockpit :). I wanted to map COM radio manipulation on the joystick, and I faced with two problems. First is, that the frequency changes really slow when I press the appropriate button, and it can get false values like 120.94, or 118.51. The second is that there is no COM1 standby swap function integrated. I've tried to look inside the code via user edit, but I've only found ipc.control(FSL, 77564), but I cannot figure out where this 77564 parameter defined what to do, I'm stucked with this problem, and I have to ask your help. :) So is it possible to make the fraction frequencies change faster, and to implement a swap funcion? BTW, if it is not confidential I would be curious about these parameters definition used by FSL Airbus, so you may share that as well. Thanks for your help, Best regards, Adam
  2. aviator17

    Support of 3rd party AI traffic

    Hello guys! Thank you for your support, I'm a step further, I hear ATC communicates with me and the other aircraft. But I hear only ground. As I tune tower manually, or switch to tower by following the instructions of Radar contact, after I've taxied to the holding point, there is no communication except for line up and wait. Neither to me, nor the others. Do you know what's wrong? Thanks a lot for help!
  3. Dear Developers! Sorry for starting a new topic for this, but I've never found any stuff in connection with 3rd party AI traffic. So my question is that whether Radar Contact 4.3 supports Mytraffic, or Ultimate traffic 2? If it does, how do I make them work together? I have Radar contact and Mytraffic 6 installed on my computer, I see the AI traffic, I have ATC instructing me, but it's not instructing other aircraft. Sorry, but I really need help, I confess I have not read through the whole manual, but as I was looking in it I couldn't find the section dealing with this. Thanks for your help! Adam
  4. Sorry Guys! Disregard that post above. The error is not gone, so it can not be connected to Fs2Crew.
  5. Hi there! I've been noticing strange issues in the last couple of weeks: Upon landing I can't set Flaps2, neither by the keyboard nor via the voice command. After flaps1 I press F7 nothing happens, only a bit change appears on the ecam for a moment. Seems like something sets back the flaps to 1. Flaps3 and Flaps Full is OK. Today, there was an issue with the Com Radio Knob. I could'nt set frequencies end by 00 or 50, just those which end by 25 and 75, again it seems like something in the background sets it back. I know these sounds strange but as I did not start FS2Crew, all these errors have gone. If you have any idea, please share! Thanks a lot!
  6. aviator17

    Weird freezing

    Hello Steve! Thanks for this detailed post, I will try it, it sounds like a fix. I've never heard about that it can be a solution. I'll report about the results! Thanks for your help!
  7. aviator17

    Weird freezing

    Hi Jim! Thanks for your reply. I have never used MyTraffic for FSX, so my fix will be different, but I didn't know about that AVSIM CTD guide, but now, I will have a look at it, hope it helps! Regards, Adam
  8. aviator17

    Weird freezing

    Hello everyone! I've been using Flight simulators (FS2004, FSX) for more than 10 years, but it always has something new for me. For example, my current installation randomly freezes, for 3-5 minutes, than resumes. It does this usually once or maximum twice in 4-6 hours continuous utilization. That's nearly all I know exactly about the issuse. Some more information: I looked the event viewer when this freezing occured, and at that time the Windows Error Reporting Service entered into the running state, then in two minutes Windows Error Reporting Service entered into the stopped state. So an error might be occured, but I have no more information about it. By now, I had 3-4 flights when this occured, and - I don't know whether it counts or not - I can say that every time, the freezing came when I cross EGTT FIR. All of these flights were departed from EGLL or EGKK. Yes, I know you say that this is b*llsh*t, but that's the situation, that's my experience, 3-4 times with freezing on the border of EGTT FIR can not be a coincidence. List of add-ons I use: Pilot's FSGlobal Europe&Africa ORBX Base v1.30 ORBX Vector v1.20 ORBX OpenLC Europe v1.10 Rex Texture Direct + SP1 Rex soft clouds + SP1 Aerosoft Airbus 318/319/320/321 Simwings Heathrow UK2000 Gatwick, Glasgow, Manchester On separate computer with simconnect and WideFS: Active Sky Next vPilot online client No other add-ons installed, the system is quite new, this installation is about a few weeks old. I plan to check the RAMs with memtest, do a full virus scan, and refresh the chipset driver. That's what I've found on the internet in connection with the issue, and no more. Anybody has any idea (or needs more information to figure out an idea), please write it here. I'm very curious about the reason of this! Thanks for your help! Regards, Adam
  9. Yeah, I had this issue too today. In the Event viewer its not an error just an information about service control manager is started and shut down. The two events followed by each other in 2 minutes and FSX freezed when it shut down. Not a CTD because if you wait patiently, after 4-5 minutes FSX continues to run from where it stopped. So just a pause not a CTD fortunately, but even though it is still a problem. Sadly I don't know the solution. I searched for it in Computer->Manage->Services to disable but it is not there. I'll try to disable it and see what happens. I only experienced this freezing when I crossed the border of the UK airspace inbound and outbound to EGLL. Two times at the same place, so it is not a coincidence. I suppose it's in connection with ORBX (I use Base 1.30, Vector 1.20, OpenLCEurope 1.10), or with NickN's FSX bible where he suggests modifying some services. But it's a guess only. Anyway if you or anybody else figured out something for this to solve, please share it! Regards, Adam