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  1. Support of 3rd party AI traffic

    Hello guys! Thank you for your support, I'm a step further, I hear ATC communicates with me and the other aircraft. But I hear only ground. As I tune tower manually, or switch to tower by following the instructions of Radar contact, after I've taxied to the holding point, there is no communication except for line up and wait. Neither to me, nor the others. Do you know what's wrong? Thanks a lot for help!
  2. Dear Developers! Sorry for starting a new topic for this, but I've never found any stuff in connection with 3rd party AI traffic. So my question is that whether Radar Contact 4.3 supports Mytraffic, or Ultimate traffic 2? If it does, how do I make them work together? I have Radar contact and Mytraffic 6 installed on my computer, I see the AI traffic, I have ATC instructing me, but it's not instructing other aircraft. Sorry, but I really need help, I confess I have not read through the whole manual, but as I was looking in it I couldn't find the section dealing with this. Thanks for your help! Adam