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  1. I'll have to look into this, at risk of showing some of my ignorance, I have never heard of a light field. Thank you for the information!!
  2. Not sure if this has been addressed or not, I haven't seen any topics about it but I was wondering if DX10 is the cause of my missing airport beacons and ILS approach strobes at all airports now. I'm using the most recent version of Steves DX10 fixer so if there is something I'm missing please feel free to let me know. I'm going to go back to DX9 tomorrow and see if that works but in the meantime I'd love to hear if anyone else has had this problem and if so is there a fix for it.
  3. Udlinger

    Version 2.9

    How do we get the new version if we purchased it through FastSpring? Do we have to buy it all over again?
  4. I need some education please, how do you go about making a change within the registry on Windows 8? I can't even find that string within the registry. If anyone has done this fix please point me in the direction of a step by step process, thanks.
  5. I know I may be behind the times here but I've searched everywhere to find a threat that speaks of the best ballance in tweeks for FSX running on W8.1. I know about the joystick issue and have the registered copy o fFSUICP so thats not an issue, what I'm getting now is periodic stutters that last 3-5 seconds periodically, almost like the windows resourses are being sucked up durring those moments. My specs are as follows: Intel Core I7 3.8Ghz 8G mem Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 ti Windows 8.1 Standard FSX with Accelerations PMDG 737NGX PMDG 777 PMDG MD11 ORBX Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  6. Udlinger

    Slow Loading times in Windows 8.1

    Ok, I finaly got it to load up, I had to uninstall FSCopilot and PMDG 777 to get there. It ran fine with a lot of stutters and then I reinstalled FSCopilot and 777 and still works, just need to tweek out these stutters. As for the HIGHMEMFIX, you are absolutely right, I do need to do that as I don't think I did. Just need to find the topic about that now. This is what happens when you take a vacation from the hobby for so long, you forget about all these tweeks.
  7. Udlinger

    RAAS Pro crashing FSX

    Ok this is getting frustrating. I can't even get FSX to load now. WHy is RAAS causing FSX to lock up on load and how to I fix this. I have been running all over the forums looking for solutions for the last 6 hours and frankly getting very frustrating knowing I paid 110 bucks for something I can't use. Anthony Contino
  8. Udlinger

    PMDG 777 RAAS crashing FSX on startup

    I'm reading all of this but don't see the solution in it all, what needs to be done exactly to get this thing to run. I've been troubleshooting for 6 hours now and have yet to get fsx to run
  9. Udlinger

    Slow Loading times in Windows 8.1

    No difference. I'm running the following addons: Active Sky Next Ultimate Traffic II ORBX FSinn
  10. Udlinger

    Slow Loading times in Windows 8.1

    Yes, was having the same problems before doing any tweeks to the cfg file which is why I'm kind of stumped and wondering if there is something else somewhere I've missed that may be causing FSX to run so slow.
  11. I know this may have been an issue for some in the past but I have searched high and low for this and have not been able to find any topics about this. I just recently been forced to move up to Win8.1 and got everything installed. Did all the tweeks I could find in the forums but when I try to load up the 737NXG it takes several minutes for the aircraft to load and then it's very choppy for about a minute. Not sure what I am missing. My specs are as follows: Windows 8.1 Intel Core I7-4770 @ 3.4GHz Nvidia Geforce 660 Ti 8G of Ram FSX installed on secondary 1TB HDD in D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator I'm not sure if other background processes are causing the problem or if there is anything I SHOULD have set in my fsx.cfg that I don't. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Anthony Contino
  12. Udlinger

    Why has become so slowly the support of PMDG

    I've been patiently waiting reactivation of my 737NGX Base key as well, just popped in here to see if there was any information as to the length of time to get it reactivated. I'll continue to sit by patiently and fly one of my other PMDG birds in the meantime Thanks for all the support guys!!