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  1. Kaashaas


    Hi guys, I don't know if this is the right place to make requests (please correct me if it isn't!) Using SOP2 (PMDG 737 NGX Reboot) I come across the landing checklist requiring a 'Down' reply. Could it be given as an option in the callouts-setting to require 'Down, Three green' like the reply in SOP3? Maybe it's not according to how the particular airline that SOP2 is based upon does things, but it may add to the experience of realism since the 'three green' is such a specific and common call out when landing. grtz., Hans
  2. Hi Bryan, I did a reinstall and everything is back to the way it should now. Thnx for the help! Grtz., Hans
  3. Thank you for replying so quickly Bryan! The only things that I am doing differently is the installation of some World of AI packs (never used them before) and the installation of the named scenery pack. Nothing else changed as far as I know. Where can I find these voicelogs? I'll gladly have a look ofcourse! Grtz., Hans
  4. Hi guys, I'm running FS2Crew NGX Reboot. I have a Windows 10 system which runs FS:SE and the PMDG 737 NGX. Steam is a single installation so no boxed-version entry conflicts. The problem is that lately I find checklists 'hang' for about 30 seconds, that continue. After completion they jump back two or three steps and I need to complete them again. I actually only use SOP2, voice controlled, Australian voice set to keep emergencies in the equation. It doesn't happen on every flight and on every checklist, it seems quite random. I did install the EGNT UK2000 scenery and started using World of AI lately, but could that actually influence the workings of FS2Crew? Grtz., Hans
  5. Kaashaas

    Audio reset PMDG 737NG

    So basically, whenever a disconnect happens and the reset function doesn't work (it never worked on my system anyway) all one has to do is put back the level of the mic and all is back to a working state again? Did I get that right?
  6. Hi guys, I found a solution for my specific problem. It's in a topic linked below. Then again, I would also like to program my Saitek Switch Panel to match the PMDG functions so still need an overview of which functions are assigned to the buttons and knobs in the PMDG 737NGX. Tips on an overview are still welcom! Grtz., Hans
  7. Hi guys, Since google and a forum search on AVSim doesn't bring me further I'd like to ask a question in this forum. I got myself a Saitek Throttle Quadrant and I'm trying to program it. Beneath the three levers there are buttons. I use the left and center levers for throttle #1 and #2. Now I would like to assign the buttons below the levers to the Engine Start Levers via FSUIPC. What action do I have to bind to these buttons? PMDG doesn't use the standard FSX:SE actions, but I can't find a list or an overview of which FSX-actions PMDG use for which lever or knob. There is one linke to a Google-drive document, but it's dead. Anyone got an idea? Thanks in advance for your input! Grtz., Hans
  8. Okay, thanks a lot for your input guys! I was allready a happy simmer, so I have to conclude that I'm getting the best out of my system as it is right now. Knowing that is completely fine for me! ;-) Thanks again! Hans
  9. Okay, so SLI will not bring big improvements, but the microstutter would become less when I would upgrade the processor? Would an FX 9590 4,7GHz 8MB make a difference? My goal is to have a steady non stuttering 30 fps on heavy scenery. Would I need to upgrade my Power Supply as well? Would it make spectacular improvements? Or wouldn't it, and can I be happy with my present rig, considering price-quality. Thnx for advising me guys, I don't know if an upgrade would give me what I want in terms of graphical performance. grtz., Hans
  10. Hi guys, This is the rig I bought last year. Motherboard MSI 970A-G45 Socket AM3+ ATX Processor AMD FX 6300 Black Edition 3.5GHz, 8MB AM3+ RAM 1x Kingston HyperX FURY Black Series DDR3 16GB Graph card MSI GTX960 Gaming 2GB Twin Frozr V Powersupply FSP Fortron Hyper 600 Harddisk Kingston Fury 240GB SSD SATA600 7mm Harddisk 2 Seagate 1TB SATA600 7200rpm 64MB OS Windows 10 Home In general I'm satisfied with the results this computer gives in FSX:SE with AS2016, PMDG 737NGX etc. But I'm experiencing some microstutter especially when flying in heavy scenery like EHAM. Would adding a second graphic card of the same type make any sense? If not, any other tips that would make the whole experience a bit more fluid? Ofcourse I have tweaked everything settings-wise in FSX:SE there is to find on forums etc. ;-) Any views on this are more then welcome! Grtz., Hans
  11. Tried to contact Microsoft? They give distance-support on the Windows 10 updates.
  12. Kaashaas

    Can I get rid of this?

    In the last 72 hours you opened 12!!! topics asking the same question. Do you really expect answer the 13th time? There is NO WAY you can fix the pop-in issue you have simply because it's the way FSX is programmed! Deal with it!
  13. Kaashaas

    Is my config file broken?

    I'vep seen your video. You're pretty much maxed out on your distance renderingc settings mate. Ito's not getting better than this. Your specs are fine, so are your settings. Learn to live with it. Sorry!
  14. Kaashaas

    I am sooooo annoyed by FSX

    You like a glass with than whine, sir....? :-) Do a fresh installation. Like all games and software thing get cluttered in the course of years if you don't do 'maintenance' every once in a while. Grtz, Hans
  15. Kaashaas

    HELP! FSX:SE Graphics Have Gotten Worse

    Hi, well first of all: relax young rocket. It's not the end of the world. ;-) What version of Windows are you running? Windows 10 for example updates drivers automatically. A rollback may be required. What are your hardware specifications? Did you try to exclude the fsx.exe proces in your antivirus? This sometimes helps. FSX:SE is running on Steam. Doublecheck if Steam hasn't updated your graphic drivers for you. (It's a feature in Steam that's on by default). It would do this in the background which would X-Plane (....I'm hilarious...) why you wouldn't even know it happened ánd why it suddenly happened after a reboot. You say 'nothing changed'. Well, something obviously did change so let's find out what that is. In the mean time, get yourself p3d (...I just wet myself!...) for the circumstance that you just need to learn and live with this. It's normal behaviour for FSX tot pop-in its autogen this way because, like Bert said, it's just the way FSX is coded. To be honest: I have never seen it differently. Keep us posted!