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  1. Okay, okay, I am the idiot.....I wasn't starting as admin even though I thought I was!
  2. Spoke too soon unfortunately: is it possible that certain repaints can cause a problem? Once I load the PDMG house livery it crashes and wont restart even with a different repaint....
  3. Well I'll be darned.....just managed to get it loaded......not sure why but it seems to be working now.....
  4. Is there any way to re-do the registration process? or should that show up automatically if I reinstall the aircraft: my sense is that something is going wrong there.....
  5. yes did that: no luck :(
  6. Yep sorry about that, thanks for the help....hope to get it solved: had a day off to play around today but am stuck installing and re-installing :(
  7. No nothing seems to be working: I will go through the CTD thread again and see if I missed something and keep an eye on responses here. I also sent a support ticket. ......thanks for everyone's help. I am sure it will get sorted: just a pain that I cant fly now....
  8. Thanks for the responses: disabled all add effect :( It is wierd: yesterday i was able to load the plane and enter the registration details: then after a while it just wouldnt let me start up......
  9. Hello, I bought this product yesterday for P3D v4...unfortunately it is crashing my sim every single time I go to load the plane........I have re-installed to no avail......I know this isn't much info to go on but would appreciate some help here...gutted...spent hours already trying to find and resolve the issue....all other things soon as i try to load the plane i get the dreaded p3d.exe has stopped working message......
  10. Chase PLane wont stick

    Yep! One Happy Bunny! i can really enjoy the program!
  11. Chase PLane wont stick

    Hi Keven thanks for your reply: I am not sure to be honest. I had this same problem with EZDok in P3D. It was actually the reason or one of the reasons why I bought Chaseplane as I thought it was EZDok playing up...I am in P3d4 now and am sure I have erased all instances and files associated to ezdok but I think it has something to do with my P3d preferences indeed.... I have attached a video link to show what is happening and at the beginning the preferences in the views section of p3d....thanks for any help....its driving me nuts and making the program unuseable although i am sure it has nothing to do with the program itself! If you could take a minute, literally to watch and hopefully you will spot something i am doing or the program is doing that will help! So basically i pan and then when I go back to centre it flips back somewhere....I have set a reset view on the dpad to let it reset to the original view....that's what you see when it goes back suddenly to the i jitters a bit, i go back to the center and it flips back to a stationary view somewhere... i then press the button to set it back to center...
  12. Hello, having searched all over for answers and not finding any I am hoping to adress the following issue: when i pan around the cockpit the view will stick in a different place, so if I look out the window over my left shoulder and return to the forward view, it will return to a position behind me until I balance it out buy looking over the other shoulder, keeping doing this from side to side until it finds the middle again....very weird. its driving me nuts and i hope there is just something silly I am doing....have deleted the camera.cfg to no avail...some help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks