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  1. Agree, A320 should be "polished" before moving to A330/A340. Ref <ecam display apu (fuel, etc)>, that was the way I entered command, sorry for not being clear. And with word <ecam> it didn't work. It worked if I replaced <ecam> with word <system>. In some cases I could get it working looking to the existing default script files and taking script commands from there. Sorry to insist with my favorite <engine mode selector>, but AirbusA3XX_cmd file has over 20 commands related to "control engine ignition" and none of these commands is correct for A320. Some other commands in this cmd file have no relation to A320 (maybe for A330/340?) What should be done is we should go through every switch on every panel and assign correct commands per A230 FCOM/SOP, so the MCE experience will be even more intuitive and enjoyable. For example <engine mode selector normal/crank/ignition>. Is there any way to do it at user level? Or it can be done only by MCE developers? Thank you, Max
  2. Good evening Gerald. As usually thank you for reply. No, there is no <notify> button, only <Add command>, <Add sound>, <Add pause>. I found actual script file and typed <Notify=engine master one off>, and some other things I want to be announced. So, I modifyed raw script file and put there whole flow I want to see. But 1/2 of it doesn't work. Also, I was using comand wording from comand files, but not every command works. For example "flaps retract" doesn't work, but "slats retract" works! Another example "ecam display" doesn't work, but "system display" works. Both options mentioned in the AirbusA3XX_cmd file. I don't know there these commands extracted from for AirbusA3XX_cmd file, but in my opinion there are many commands missing for the A320/330/340 series (for example <engine master 1/2 off/on>, or <pack flow normal/lo/hi>) and some other are not per existing Airbus 320 FCOM/SOP. I'm again coming to the conclusion, that if I knew every script command related to every mouse click or every selection in A320 cockpit that would resolve my problems. Or, I am doing something wrong. Max
  3. Thanks a lot for quick reply, Gerald. Not everything works as you explaned. Some commands, which I took directly from Command files could not be recognised. As I understand "notify=engine master one off" should be typed directly in the script file, not in the VoxScript UI, right? Before asking more questions I will give it a proper try tomorrow. Thanks again. Max
  4. I had similar issue FO was repeating command but nothing changed. In my case it was A320 a/c and I asked SET HEADING 320. FO replied SETTING HEADING 320, I could even heard clicking heading bug, but nothing changed. The reason was FCU mode was in the TRK/FPA, so my command was not correct. FO will be confused if A/C is in TRK mode, but I ask him to set HDG. Once I asked him to SET AUTOPILOT TRACK 320 he responded and set the track I wanted. So, sometimes we should just make sure we give correct orders which are in line with current A/P mode.
  5. Good morning. I tested VoxScript and it works OK. I use it for FSX, Aerosoft A320 Extended. But, once I started create real airline A320 SOP flows I stuck right in the beginning at "Preliminary Cockpit Preparation" flow very first step. ENG MASTERS 1, 2..........OFF I want co-pilot check ENG MASTERS are in the OFF position and announce "ENGINE MASTER 1 OFF, ENGINE MASTER 2 OFF". So, per David Herky detailed YouTube guide, I was looking to the engine_cmd and AirbusA3XX_cmd files to find correct command (something like ENG MASTER ONE OFF), but there is no such command exist. Another way is to use VoxKey, but my problem is when I go to FSX Options/Settings/Control menu I can't find default key for ENG MASTER 1(2) OFF/ON selection. It is rather generic, but not Aerosoft A320 featured. My understanding is that every mouse selection in the cockpit can be assigned to keyboard, and if I find the way to do it will give me opportunity to put everything I want to the flow. I realise, this question goes beyond MCE topic, but I would appreciate if somebody could suggest how to assign cockpit mouse selection to the keyboard? Or is there any other "elegant" solution for the above problem? Thank you in advance.
  6. FS++, thanks a lot for quick reply. I found the <VoxScript> button in the UI, per your detailed guidance. Will give it a try tomorrow. Thanks again. Maxlic
  7. Hello everybody. I think it is the right place to ask my question instead of starting new thread. In Jul-2014 I purchased Aerosoft A32X, When I downloaded it from Aerosoft website it included also MCE (Ver 2.5.70) install which I just recently started to use. The more I use it the more I enjoy it. Now I want to create my customised flows and VoxScript tool is what I need. However, I found it is not included to MCE package I have. That is strange, because it has VoxScript manual included in the package, but not the VoxScript itself. Does anybody has any idea if MCE which comes with A32X is restricted (like LITE version) in some way? Thank you.