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  1. hello. i would like to update 747, 772-773, NGX. in operation center i see there is an update. when i log in to PMDG web page and going to previous orders, i am trying to download the product from the link but nothing is happening. i tried to download all products but nothing works... is there some problem on PMDG site?
  2. CTD kernelBase.dll 737NGX

    Latest version of ASN and everything i am checking for updates daily I have only pmdg 777 and 737NGX
  3. CTD kernelBase.dll 737NGX

    i have problem with 737NGX, it always crash to desktop when i am enroute, mostly between 2-4 flight time. event viewer says that it is caused by KERNELBASE.DLL strange is that i can fly 777-300 from PMDG for hours, doing lot of longhauls with absolutely no problem, i did 15 hours flight,9 hours flight with no issues, i get CTD only with 737NGX... anyone has an idea how to fix it? i googled a lot but nothing helped... everything is up to date, Windows, all addons i use : 4970 k titan x 16gb ram 400gb HDD Intel 750 saitek x52 PRO Windows 10, 64 i am on Prepar3D v3.1 active sky next precipitFX immersion rex4 textures rex4 soft clouds FS2Crew FTX global FSUIPC full version IVAP EZDOK GSX FS real time