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  1. thedutchguy

    Stutter at "20" callout

    ok, i know this is an old thread but i want to leave this behind for anyone having this isue in 2016. I use fspassengersx and pmdg 737 and 777. And i had the excact same stutters during the callouts and touchdown sounds. I have been editing my config and i have come to a solution. In my case (i5-3750K 4.2ghz and msi gtx 970) adding bufferpools=390000000 to the config fixed the stutters in all my aircraft. I don't know why this works because it has nothing to do with sound rendering as far as i know. But it works nonetheless. I hope this helps anyone struggeling with this issue. kind regards Daan
  2. thedutchguy


    can't wait!! Website looks great! keep up the good work guys ^_^
  3. hi guys, i know it's an old topic but i recently installed the md-11 and now also have the excact same problem. i can see the landinglights but they are way in front of the aircraft. I have rex texture direct installed but as far as i know that doenst change the landinglight files, does it?
  4. thedutchguy

    Parking brake wont set

    i have a possible fix for this problem. i know it's an old topic but i have been batteling with this problem all day and i have finaly cracked. PMDG can be proud of themselves. the parkingbrake not staying on is al to do with the brakepressure slowly decreasing if the electrical hydraulicpums have been turned off. it's not a bug, it's simulation at it's finest! ^_^
  5. thedutchguy

    why don't al the switches work 2-way?

    excellent stuf sir! looking forward to it
  6. Hi, i was just wondering why the switches in the cockpit won't work two-way. For instance the landinglights. It's not a direct complaint! I was just curious why it is made so? Kind regards, Daan Gerritsen
  7. thedutchguy

    IVAO or VATSIM compatible?

    Hi, How do you get this to work with ivao? can you share cockpit in ivao?!? best regards, Daan