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  1. Hello, Also I use the effects, nevertheless, seealso none, however, is of use Fs2crew. What has struck me this I every time vfxcentral by hand must start, then I gopurely to Sim and starts the Majestichtake out of vision ready, and useweather to Gray and Rainy the effectsare indicated. If I then, however, in theCold and Dark start one can select withMajestic, and has Fs2crew in addition innothing more is a matter running. Willthere be then Fixed to itself does not getin the way any more? Greetings
  2. Solved everything in Regedit cleared of ASCA and reinstalled worked Problem solved
  3. Hi I have AS 16 bought and Active Sky Cloud art . With Active Sky C loud kind I've huge problems . there can be no threads in the simulator install no matter what subject I select always comes this stupid Error message. I hang a picture with at . I tried the virus scanner to completely disable it does not work again . Then comes another problem ASCA can not even be uninstalled the while your staller runs but can not go on I need it through Windows Explorer by deleting uninstall what's going on the folder ? It may indeed be true not I a heap of money for an addon Pay and nothing works !? Does anyone have the same problem and can explain why this is so ? Image I've added greeting
  4. Good afternoon, Are not right yesterday morning functioned my PMDG Operations Centre any more. I have to me yesterday morning a Liverie downloaded. When I wanted to instal it then about the Centre Operations PMDG it did not go any more. One can select on the leftside in the Operations Centre the airplanes For one the Liverie would like to instal. I have installed the NGX for P3D and wanted to instal for this so the Liverie. Went to the list and all products gray what Deposited, THUS AS I would not own them. Then I thought has sometimes uninstall and Download anew from the side PMDG. If it has functioned then installed anew in hope, but in vain. The same problem like before So I understands only not like from one day on other something like that something can happen and not sometimes new installations bring what lake I only permanently this is Red written in the description of the airplane Which I would have installed a version FSX, HOWEVER, this is not right sometimes. It is only what P3D owns I to this red description I therefore become a picture post like I can repair the problem I can live again instal ream? I can use the airplane in the simulator itself I can not only just instal the Operations Centre and without this no live ream more or regulate the graphics. My question like I can repair the problem never had before THUS problem with my products and PMDG does own more or less everything of PMDG who can help me? Greetings and Merry Christmas Markus
  5. Good Morning, Can someone tell how long it last even until the system as a box version owners can finally get to the update? Surely it can not really be true that customers download instantly have access and Box Version owners soon will have to wait even one month on this update what is it for a customer-friendly ? As if you can prove that companies do not tend to think about it before something was released . That there are fast solutions. Well, I 've never seen that there can be 1 week delay because I did not say anything that happens every good business times. But now we come in now for the 3rd week and we as buyers of such an Expensive addons is sometimes Angry there's been saying or not? I ask for an opinion when you can finally expect this update as a box owners. greeting
  6. Hi, I hope someone can help here who . I am the owner of the PMDG 737 NGX Box Version from Amazon I bought this at the time. But now the question is how can I get weather radar on the update SP1d for the NGX with that? Is there a solution? Thanks in advance Markus