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  1. Hi Jankees Thanks for all your repaints I have used many of them. Is there any chance of you doing the Matt Younkin Beech, it would be a great repaint to have in the virtual hanger. Cheers Rich
  2. Aye, sadly no answers to my problem. Is there any other free image hosting sites I can use, I have a post on another site with more pictures but not too sure about posting it here. Cheers Rich
  3. Hi I have a bit of a mystery problem with Volume 3 Version 2 with Version 3 update of Generation X. For some reason the 4 areas shown don't display properly all other areas are fine just these 4 tiles. Hopefully the 2 pictures will show what's wrong with it. Cheers Rich
  4. Thanks again for the replies, I think I'm going to reinstall FSX and start from fresh. Cheers Rich
  5. Just checked and I have none of those dll files in my FSX SE Directory and I only have one GPU a GTX 760 Cheers Rich
  6. Thanks for the reply Steve, I have not yet bought the fixer because I wanted to see if DX10 would work with my current set-up. I am a bit baffled as to why it will not work because it always used to, but as you say I must have loaded something that is not compatible. I think I will have to do a reinstall and check which addon is causing the problem. I think I have posted this problem in the wrong section of the forum, sorry I'm a bit new around here. Cheers Rich
  7. Hi everyone I'm hoping someone can help with this problem, my install of FSX SE refuses to run in DG10 mode, when the program gets to the Free Flight screen it does not display the aircraft selected just a black panel. Pressing Fly Now results in the sim locking up. I can select another aircraft but still get the same problem. I have deleted the Shaders Folder (of which I only have one there is no Shaders 10 folder) and also let FSX SE build another FSX.cfg, At a bit of loss with this one. Cheers Rich
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