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  1. Before I installed latest version of driver and tried, but result was same.. Later for installing a fresh copy of FSX, I over-write my system from my previous Norton Ghost backup image file., so driver is old version in this video. But I tested it, so I can say that problem was not related with version of driver.
  2. In my case, I cannot explain the performance with CPU, or with other hardware configuration, or with settings of FSX.. Because both display cards are on same system, using same CPU, same system configuration, same FSX settings...one of them has terrible performance, while other has very acceptable performance... I could not find any explanation about this difference yet ??
  3. As you can see from video on Nvidia GTX 580 CPU Load is much more lower and FPS is much more higher, compared to GTX 950. If it is not about memory, then what can be the reason of this big difference? My monitor resolution is 1920 x 1080 FSX resolution is 1024x768
  4. So you are saying his explanation is not matching with the real situation which is happening... I recorded the video for you to show Nvidia Inspector parameters at flight... I am curious to hear your idea -if you have-about the reason of this situation with GTX 950 card.
  5. Thanks to Herman..Until now many people (some of them are experts) tried to find a reason, but only Herman could bring a real and clear explanation about the reason. Yes I read this sentence "FSX is one of the least GPU-intensive games out there. " in many places before. That's why I always concentrated on CPU related solutions in the beginning. But everything I tried until now shows me that Herman's explanation can be the only right one. When I watch with Nvidia Inspector I see GPU load is nearly always around 99%. Actually some people are saying me "There are plenty of people who have run FSX quite well with x50 and x60 graphics cards - your poor performance is more likely based on something on your specific system ". But I don't know. I saw that in my case, GTX 950 gives me very bad performance, while other card is giving me very good performance in the same system. .
  6. Thanks for explanation.. I was asking this question to many people in last days, no one could give a clear answer as you wrote.. My technical knowledge is not quite enough to understand all details, but as I understand from your answer, GTX 950 hardware's memory using structure is not suitable for high performance in FSX ...in simple words this card's hardware is not very suitable for FSX... am I right?
  7. In the beginning I had a mysterious "very low FPS performance" problem in FSX (it was always around 6-7/sec average) and I tried many things to solve it. I played very much with "fsx.cfg" file and other settings, I worked on BIOS and hardware configuration, drivers, CPU settings..etc. Finally I could not find even any little clue about the reason, and I could not be able to increase FPS even a little. But after I attached a second NVidia card to the same system (which has lower capacity than my current card), I see with this card I can reach to 40/s FPS without making any special settings. So I understood nothing was about "fsx.cfg" file or other setting or other hardware configuration. It was only about my display card! My first display card was NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 The second card I attached was NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 Now I am connecting them to 2 monitors at the same time (one card connected to one monitor), and shifting FSX windows from one monitor to another. When I move the FSX window to "GTX 580" monitor FPS is around 40/sec, but when I move the window inside other "GTX 950" monitor FPS is immediately decreasing under 10/sec. (by the way in this monitor always scenery spikes, flashes happen too) I recorder this situation in a video https://youtu.be/6vtVPtvdY4w How this can be happen? What can be wrong with the card GTX 950? But I must say that my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 has no problem in other applications. It is running perfect... Problem is only related with FSX. For example with the same card I can play Grand Thief Auto 5 very smooth at high performance levels. So what can be the cause of this NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 & FSX cannot match each other? Very interesting ...
  8. I guess I've solved half of the FPS problem: I attached a second Display Card to the system "NVIDIA Geforce GTX 580" (without de-attaching my first display card), and then I ran FSX from the monitor which is connected to this second card. This time FSX ran perfect :) It was nearly always at target FPS 20/s. Now I can know that problem is related with my display card NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950 . But I still don't know what is the problem with card. I re-intalled the latest Nvidia Driver for it and tried again, but FPS was stil around 7/s with this card. I am not sure what can I try more.. PS. By the way, this first card was working perfect with Grand Thief Auto 5 without any performance problem. It seems there is something not matching with my NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950(or settings of card) & FSX...
  9. I will try with afterburner. But before that now checked Windows Task Manager/Performance Tab. I can see 8 graphs of CPU there. Sometimes some of them can reach to 100% but it is rare and short time. Usually their average is between 20% - 60&. And still FPS is is under 8/s. But I realized one thing, when I fly out of the cities FPS can increase up to 14-15/s This made me thing about something can be wrong about scenery/texture settings..
  10. I tried to upload image here, but cannot see the button . I hope this link https://ibb.co/e3YpM5 can show the image.
  11. I directly installed FSX-Acceleration just after FSX installation, so there was no "before". I saw this problem after fresh installation. But I can say that I made the exactly same installation to my laptop, which has lower configuration (and almost same software is installed on that computer). I didn't see this kind of problem. FPS is around 18-20/s in my lower configuration laptop. As a test, I am exchanging (crossing) fsx.cfg files between Desktop and Laptop, and again I see Desktop has 6-7/s FPS, Laptop has 18-20/s FPS. With or without Fraps FPS is same.
  12. No, this is not the reason which destroys performance. Because this was just one of the things which I tried after all my other solution trials failed. Later I deleted this file again when I see it is not giving any solution. Many times I tried to delete fsx.cfg too..Any of the tweaks I tried were not giving any result. Yes there is a serious performance problem, but although I tried many things, I have still zero idea about the reason :(
  13. Yes, as I wrote I monitor CPU consumption with Process Explorer (https://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/process-explorer-portable) I didn't use MSI Afterburner As I wrote , while FSX is running System Idle Process is usually between 60%-90% FSX is between 10%-35% Other apps are usually 1% or less Or do you mean another thing? Did I misunderstand something?
  14. FSX Accelaration is running. For trying to see the result, I am decreasing all the settings you told to minimum (or off) but FPS is not increasing. I checked with Process Explorer and nothing special seen, no other applications is consuming CPU when FSX is running. System Idle Process is usually between 60%-90% FSX is between 10%-35% Others are usually 1% or less
  15. I have Very Interesting and Mysterious "LOW FPS PERFORMANCE problem" in FSX Acceleration. Interesting, because my system doesn't have a low configuration, and I tried many different performance tweaks. BUT in my all tries I always got a terrible performance as "My Average FPS: 6.150 - Min: 4 - Max: 8" (measured by FRAPS)! I’ve never reached an average FPS even 8 or above until now! MY SYSTEM : - Intel Core i7-2600K CPU 3.40GHz - Mainboard Big-Bang Marshal (MS-7670) - RAM 20 GB 1333 MHx - NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950 - Windows 7 x64 WHAT I TRIED : - HIGHMEMFIX , [BUFFERPOOLS], [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask, WideViewAspect=True, [TERRAIN] LOD_RADIU, , [MAIN] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION, TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT …. I tried them (and more tweaks which didn’t write here) one by one or in different combinations…by playing with different values… BUT THE RESULT of FPS was NEVER AFFECTED! - “NVIDIA Inspector” settings for FSX - UIAutomationCore.dll placed in program folder for x64 system - Changed FSX quality settings from “Ultra High” to “High” or “Medium” - I closed other time and CPU consuming software like Antivirus, Dropbox etc before FSX starts BUT NONE of THEM GAVE ANY LITTLE INCREASE in FPS… It was still around only 6 or 7 per second! So I could not solve this mystery. I don’t know what makes my FSX performance terrible! I feel like something in computer is decreasing the performance very much before everything, so any other tweak settings cannot make any effect after that. But what can it be? I don't see any CPU consuming application in process list. Anybody have an idea what to try after this point?
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