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  1. This whole episode acts like a failing hard drive or bad Windows install. You might try running System File Checker: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/how-to-run-system-file-checker-analyze-its-logs-in-windows-7-vista
  2. What sample rate is your audio device set to?
  3. Thanks Mike and Jason, Bill
  4. I can't get it started. Any links where I might find a clue? Thanks, N99WB
  5. Could have been a scan, download or some other process that fired up.
  6. Type in "Sound" in Cortana's search, bring up the sound panel. With headset on/enabled, set headset to: Default communications device. N99WB
  7. Try them both. They have a great return policy.
  8. Have you excluded your P3D folder and add on folders from your anti-virus?
  9. I would imagine LM pays millions annually to MS. You'll be giving the Sales Rep a heart attack with that kinda talk.
  10. It works for me. P3D 4.2 Defaut Mooney Bravo KMIA RWY 9 110.9 I-BULL
  11. P3d should (and will) be able to run better looking and smoother on any 64 bit Windows computer than FSX. Smooth is the new fast.
  12. Greg, I didn't see what Windows version you were using, but, if it is 10, it could be this issue: Stuttering due to WIN 10? Six months on, and let's check in on those 'stuttering' Windows 10 PCs. Yep, still stuttering Gamers say performance woes haven't been addressed as Spring Creators Update looms. . . http://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/03/29/windows_10_creators_update_driver_flaws/
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