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  1. I m not using 2 PC but only one PC so there is no network. I have wifi for internet access but some time it is very very slow because of ISP that sucks, I don't know if it have a link to the issue.
  2. I've been using it all the time without problem until last days. I did not installed any new add-ons or else. I'm using latest version of panel builder for FSX and using the default FSX C172. Gauges are not sync and some most of them does not respond I have the RPM going crazy, neddle goes from 0 to 35 and back every second. Once some gauges starts moving slowly then display like speed in knots then stops (like freeze) even if aircraft speed decrease or increase same for most gauges like altitude indicator... I tried to sisconect and reconnect simconnect but issues are not resolved even if I close everything and restart again all (FSX, sim pluging, simconnect).
  3. I use this payware for Tahiti http://secure.simmarket.com/nxgn-simulations-tahiti-faaa-x-fsxp3d.phtml It is very accurate
  4. Tahiti NTAA have always been blue like pacific ocean but when you get to the tuamotus or Bora Bora or Marlon Brando's Island Tetiaroa then you see green lagoons. What scenery are you using for Tahiti? I live in Tahiti near Bora Bora so this is my knowledge.
  5. Thank you for the update and you did add the c172 chronometer and blank gauge cover to new version just like we ask, so you listen to your customers and this is really important I'm giving you a 5 star rating. Thank you
  6. I ve done mine with blue foam and covert with synthetic leather, you can learn more on my blog: http://fsxblog.com/cockpit-glareshield/
  7. Hussel thank you for adding the Davtron for future release. I really like your Simplugins gauges and using for my cockpit building. I can't wait to download the Davtron next time.
  8. Yes, we really need the DAVTRON m803 AOT/timer/volt/digital clock like you've done for the A2A simplugin cessna 172. It's important because building a cockpit , if we don't have this on our MIP it doesn't look nice and we have to go with your competitor.
  9. My chronometer doesn't work, I use FSX and default C172, buttons are not responding, time not displayed.... My chrono on the Saitek yoke works. Will you release a Davtron C172 time/volt/chrono like the A2A plugin?
  10. I have my cockpit sim well done with high end computer, I was eager to build it, spend my money on equipments... but then I'm still not satisfied and don't play as often as I thought I will. Why? because it's really not like a real cessna flying experience, maybe it need the motion thing that pro simcockpit like boeing have. Even this will not replace the feeling in a real cessna. The odor of fuel, the heat or cold sensation when onboard, the altitude feeling, vibration, noises, radio coms..... I was first thinking that flight sim is really great for training but i was wrong. It's now like a car simulator game for me. So same as you go in an advance arcade car simulator game. So sim enthusiasms that spends ten thousand dollar to build a 737 cockpit are spending their money for it but I won't do it.
  11. This is a great airplane one of the best add-on I have and is now on sale: http://www.realairsimulations.com/legacy_buynow.php?page=legacyfsx_buynow Also Turbine Duke and many more is on sale http://www.realairsimulations.com/
  12. All my pilot friends have tanned skin, they fly on day not night. So I guess this is true. Sun is very power in the sky, specially in some region and in summer it can be worse. I suggest they put sunscreen lotion.
  13. According to American Cancer Society, Aircraft crew more likely to develop melanomas, so flight simming is somehow a way to prevent these serious health issues but for these pros it"s really a bad news. Source: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/281982.php
  14. I've order my case last week an Antec P100, really nice and fit my home cockpit (aluminum look). I have a choice with a Cosmos SE or the Antec and pick the last one for it's price and look. The cosmos SE is nice but it was looking too gaming IMO.
  15. I'm building a cockpit for c172, it will be half side panel (pilot side only) and I wonder if 3X22" monitors will be more immersive than 2X22" monitors? If it worth it. I've been watching Youtube and pics on the web with Cessna C172 home cockpit and 3 monitors for outside views and it looks wide but the scale doesn't really match the smaller cockpit panel (ex: saitek panel...) Looks like a windshield view from a 737. If some members have a GA sim cockpit at home with 2 or 3 monitors, can you give your opinion on it? Thanks
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