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  1. gauges no more sync and fail to work

    I m not using 2 PC but only one PC so there is no network. I have wifi for internet access but some time it is very very slow because of ISP that sucks, I don't know if it have a link to the issue.
  2. I've been using it all the time without problem until last days. I did not installed any new add-ons or else. I'm using latest version of panel builder for FSX and using the default FSX C172. Gauges are not sync and some most of them does not respond I have the RPM going crazy, neddle goes from 0 to 35 and back every second. Once some gauges starts moving slowly then display like speed in knots then stops (like freeze) even if aircraft speed decrease or increase same for most gauges like altitude indicator... I tried to sisconect and reconnect simconnect but issues are not resolved even if I close everything and restart again all (FSX, sim pluging, simconnect).
  3. I Thought it was Green in Polynesia?

    I use this payware for Tahiti It is very accurate
  4. I Thought it was Green in Polynesia?

    Tahiti NTAA have always been blue like pacific ocean but when you get to the tuamotus or Bora Bora or Marlon Brando's Island Tetiaroa then you see green lagoons. What scenery are you using for Tahiti? I live in Tahiti near Bora Bora so this is my knowledge.