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  1. woodx550

    Bug / Correction List

    I have seen the "map freeze", but it was not actually frozen. Use of the knob did not advance the pages. I had to click the ring area or hover over a different knob and return and then it worked again. It was like the mouse input on the knob wasn't being recognized. This happens frequently with the knobs. Kind of a hassle.
  2. woodx550

    Video Display Issue - Frame Rates

    I've seen the frame rate drop, but I get different results on a separate box. The computer I initially installed on isn't super high powered, but as soon as I got airborne I'd see framerate drop down to 6-7, regardless of location. Stable flight would stabilize frame rates somewhat higher, but maneuvering would drop them again. Installing on my other computer which is much more recent and with an SSD, I see excellent and consistent frame rates. Sometimes I see maybe 2-3 fps drop but otherwise no problems.
  3. woodx550

    How do I turn OFF the MFD and copilot PFD?

    I noticed when I brought up the 2D version of the MFD, if I clicked on the circle/mounting screw in the upper left corner, about where a close box would be, it would turn off the VC version. Then when that panel was closed the VC MFD was no longer on. I imagine it's still running under the hood but might be less perf-intensive (guessing that might be the root of your question)?