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  1. breaking_the_silenze

    Disappearing Clickspots

    I'm at work now. I'll check that later. The clickspots don't work but they do make the sound when I click on them, as well as the g1000 screens pop out and the keyboard works... ill check that when I get home and I'll report here. Thanks!!
  2. breaking_the_silenze

    Disappearing Clickspots

    I'll try the view. can't remember the water slideR set up, will change it to. It's quite low as I don't care about water.. We use planes, not boats. Jeje Thanks.
  3. breaking_the_silenze

    Disappearing Clickspots

    Hello... Lets take this back to life again. I own the F1 King 200. and just encountered this issue. I got the latest Version 1.3, used the F1 Download Tool and deactivated the AV during download. Run exe as Admin as the same as every single exe i find on my way on Windows 7. I posted twice on The dedicated King 200 Flight1 forums but no one seems to reply. My System: -Single Monitor 21" -Win 7 x64 w/aero -I7 4770k 3.5 -8GB ddr3 cl9 1600 -MSI GTX 750Ti 2GB OC -Corsair 750w PSU -Asus Sabertoth Z87 FSX w/acceleration. Addon Aircrafts: -Flight1 King Air 200 Addon Scenery: - Freeware Airhispania SCX (mesh and some spanish airports) -AKESOFT Valencia (LEVC) No more addons on FSX Have the latest FSUIPC Version. Encountered this issue on: Windowed and Full Screen. connected to IVAO or not. With FSUIPC installed or Not. FSX.cfg Clean or tweeked by Nick's Bible. Have reinstalled FSX, The King Air, FSUIPC, IVAP. no results. Last time it seems to be working OK until started IVAP on FSX. but have encountered the issue even before starting IVAO before. Once it happens on the king200 it does not matter if a change aircraft, the issue remains, switchin to full screen, moving mouse around and clicking everywere, disconecting to IVAO, changing airport, I tried every variable i could imagine. The problem remains. I still can make use of the G1000 and its keyboard, it works fine. Every other clickspot on the plane dissapear. (some of them make the noise when I click but no action is observed) Also me controler stops working. so no control surfaces, engine or any other system continues operative on the aircraft. THe issue appears between the first minute of loading the aircraft and never after 5 minutes, every single time I loaded the aircraft. (around 50 times so far, including about 6 re-installs) I didnt encounter the problem with Windows x86. only after upgrading to Win x64. Please give a hand as Im desperate. King Regards Javier A. Fernandez