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  1. Beechcraft Baron

    Yes, but I deleted that function from A in P3D before reassigning it in FSUIPC. Anyway, it works and I'm using it. These ones work for CROSSFEED. 47=85,8,65958,0 -{U: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_RIGHT }-- 71=87,8,66518,0 -{W: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_2_LEFT }- Thanks again Bob, Over and out. Philip.
  2. Beechcraft Baron

    Hi Spokes, Thanks for all that. Very interesting. I had just mapped the selectors again for ON and OFF along the lines Bob suggested earlier in this thread and things worked fine. With his settings the selectors turn from OFF to ON, and from ON to OFF, and the engines will start when the selectors are ON and keep running, unlike before. I had abandoned Crossfeed setting until your post. So I tried the settings you suggested and the fsuipc5.ini file looked like this: 4=72,11,65883,0 -{ctl+shft+H: Press=KOHLSMAN_INC }- 6=76,11,65884,0 -{ctl+shft+L: Press=KOHLSMAN_DEC }- 8=83,11,66531,0 -{ctl+shft+S: Press=ENGINE_AUTO_SHUTDOWN }- 10=66,11,65858,0 -{ctl+shft+B: Press=PITOT_HEAT_TOGGLE }- 13=70,11,66237,0 -{ctl+shft+F: Press=FUEL_PUMP }- 21=N68,8,66126,0 -{D: Press=MAGNETO1_DECR }- 23=70,8,66127,0 -{F: Press=MAGNETO1_INCR }- 26=71,8,66128,0 -{G: Press=MAGNETO2_DECR }- 28=72,8,66129,0 -{H: Press=MAGNETO2_INCR }- 47=85,8,65956,0 -{U: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_ALL }- 51=113,8,66239,0 -{F2: Press=TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTS }- 53=116,8,65751,0 -{F5: Press=LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE }- 54=115,8,66240,0 -{F4: Press=TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS }- 57=114,8,66379,0 -{F3: Press=TOGGLE_NAV_LIGHTS }- 59=73,8,65957,0 -{I: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_LEFT }- 61=79,8,65955,0 -{O: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_OFF }- 63=65,8,66519,0 -{A: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_2_RIGHT }- 65=83,8,66516,0 -{S: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_2_OFF }- 71=87,8,66517,0 -{W: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_2_ALL }- The keys I,O, are Left Tank Selector ON and OFF, and the keys A,S are Right Tank Selector ON and OFF. They work perfectly. U and W above are the keys mapped as you suggest to effect CROSSFEED. When I try this out with the selectors already in the ON position, nothing happens. When I try them with the selectors in the OFF position they turn the left hand and right hand selectors to the ON position, duplicating keys I and A. I thought perhaps this was because the previous mapping of keys I,O,A and S was causing some type of conflict with your suggested settings, and perhaps that is the case. Before abandoning the CROSSFEED possibility altogether, and bolstered by the fact that ON / OFF was now definitely mapped and working, I tried some other possibilities. Going back to my original understanding of the meaning of LEFT and RIGHT in the FSUIPC fuel selector options as meaning “anticlockwise” and “clockwise” and SELECTOR meaning Tank 1 and SELECTOR_2 meaning tank 2, etc, I tried for Tank 1 Selector, Crossfeed option FUEL_SELECTOR_RIGHT, on the basis that that means it might turn the selector tap to the right, i.e. clockwise. Amazingly enough, it works. Not only does it turn the selector to CROSSFEED from ON, but it will turn the selector to CROSSFEED from OFF, which is a full 180 deg clockwise turn, moving straight through the 90 deg turn needed to reach ON. So it seems to mean “turn the selector for tank 1 fully to the right”, which is in effect to CROSSFEED. More important, the engine will function using these settings. Starting from D&C it will start in ON or it will start in CROSSFEED and I can switch the selector from ON to CROSSFEED and back while the engine is running without any problems. The same applies to the right hand engine but this time using the key W mapped to FUEL_SELECTOR_2_LEFT, which turns the left hand selector, anticlockwise (or left) from OFF or ON to its fully to-the-left CROSSFEED position. Mapped like this and all working perfectly that section of the file looks like this: Keys.BB58] 4=72,11,65883,0 -{ctl+shft+H: Press=KOHLSMAN_INC }- 6=76,11,65884,0 -{ctl+shft+L: Press=KOHLSMAN_DEC }- 8=83,11,66531,0 -{ctl+shft+S: Press=ENGINE_AUTO_SHUTDOWN }- 10=66,11,65858,0 -{ctl+shft+B: Press=PITOT_HEAT_TOGGLE }- 13=70,11,66237,0 -{ctl+shft+F: Press=FUEL_PUMP }- 21=N68,8,66126,0 -{D: Press=MAGNETO1_DECR }- 23=70,8,66127,0 -{F: Press=MAGNETO1_INCR }- 26=71,8,66128,0 -{G: Press=MAGNETO2_DECR }- 28=72,8,66129,0 -{H: Press=MAGNETO2_INCR }- 47=85,8,65958,0 -{U: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_RIGHT }- 51=113,8,66239,0 -{F2: Press=TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTS }- 53=116,8,65751,0 -{F5: Press=LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE }- 54=115,8,66240,0 -{F4: Press=TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS }- 57=114,8,66379,0 -{F3: Press=TOGGLE_NAV_LIGHTS }- 59=73,8,65957,0 -{I: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_LEFT }- 61=79,8,65955,0 -{O: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_OFF }- 63=65,8,66519,0 -{A: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_2_RIGHT }- 65=83,8,66516,0 -{S: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_2_OFF }- 71=87,8,66518,0 -{W: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_2_LEFT }- The puzzle remains: why does key A above turn the right hand selector to ON from wherever it is, (either OFF or CROSSFEED), which requires anticlockwise and clockwise movements respectively, while a very similarly structured command, key W, will only turn the selector fully to the left, or anticlockwise. One could say why does it matter if it works? But curiosity is hard to ignore. I am very grateful to Bob and yourself for taking the time to get me to this point, where things are working perfectly, but I would like to know why the logic above seems so inconsistent. No doubt I am missing something obvious. Regarding the Fuel pump HI LO settings; that is getting into areas way beyond my pay grade. I find it very interesting and I do hope to learn more about it as time permits. Thanks very much for the input. I have another question that I need an answer to which I may post here or start a new topic. I am hoping that Bob and yourself might have a look at it because you guys obviously know what you are talking about. Philip
  3. Beechcraft Baron

    Hi Bob, I went through your settings and that’s the solution ! Well done, and thanks. I used a different combination of keys to yours simply to keep on/off for each tank together on my keyboard. This is how it looks in the fsuipc5.ini file: 59=73,8,65957,0 -{I: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_LEFT }- 61=79,8,65955,0 -{O: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_OFF }- 63=65,8,66519,0 -{A: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_2_RIGHT }- 65=83,8,66516,0 -{S: Press=FUEL_SELECTOR_2_OFF }- I confirmed it by starting and running the B58 from D&C, selecting one engine at a time. The selector taps move to ON and the engines will start. If I turn the tap(s) off the engine(s) stop, as one might expect, although not the POH way of shutting down! Part of my confusion was in reading “LEFT” and “RIGHT” as referring to “Anticlockwise” and “Clockwise” movement of the selectors. In fact it appears to be the case that FUEL_SELECTOR_LEFT means “Left Hand Tank Selector ON” and “SELECTOR_2_RIGHT” means “Right Hand Tank Selector ON”. But the plot thickens. Did you read spokes2112’s post on this thread that follows our last exchange? I tried his suggestions out too - the fuel selector CROSSFEED section - and came up with some interesting results which if you have the time you might read in my reply to spokes. The upshot of it all is that due to your (and spokes) input I now have the selectors fully mapped and operational. And in reading your suggestions I have learned quite a bit and am more inclined to delve more deeply into the coding aspect of this intriguing hobby than I was before. At the risk of becoming a pest I would like to put one more question to you. It relates to the use of multiple keyboards, which I used successfully in FSXSE, but am having problems with in P3Dv4. If you prefer I could open a new thread on this but if you are open to it I will put the issue together as concisely as possible and post it here. Thanks for the time and the education. Philip
  4. Beechcraft Baron

    Yep, I am confirming the selection - I must be missing something else - I haven't looked in the fsuipc5.ini file; I haven't really done much "in-file" adjustments - but I guess it's time I took a look at that end of things. I'll experiment over the next few days. (I'll make a back-up file first). Thanks again Bob. Philip
  5. Beechcraft Baron

    Thanks Bob, I'll have another look at it - I must check my version of FSUIPC5, but I'm assuming it is the latest as I only bought it a few weeks ago. On my settings, the option in FSUIPC that I was using for "ON" was "fuel selector centre", which seems to mean the selector in it's centre position, which is ON. When I map that and press the key the fuel selector tap rotates to the centre, which is ON. When I map the key, for example, for the left hand tank, to "fuel selector right", when that key is pressed the tap will rotate fully to the right, which is "CROSSFEED" and the engine will start, and for the right hand tank "left" will rotate that tap fully to the left, which again is CROSSFEED and that engine will start. But neither engine will start with the the selectors chosen to centre, which is "ON". Is your "left" and "right" rotating the taps to ON or to CROSSFEED? Overall I am continuing to explore FSUIPC's options - it's undoubtedly a brilliant piece of software. Last night I remapped the elevator control on the BB58 to FSUIPC and using its "slope" option was able to quieten the sensitivity to very like RW feeling - the P3Dv4 elevator sensitivity, even with the sensitivity turned down to 10, was hair trigger and I doubt if it's anything like how it might feel in reality. Philip
  6. Beechcraft Baron

    Thanks for going through that Bob. It's reassuring to know that I'm not losing my mind (yet). There must be some sort of coding conflict going on in the background. Anyway, the mouse is fine. I was just puzzled as to why the mapping wouldn't work. I know it's impossible to eliminate the mouse altogether, and I suspect when I move on to the PMDG 737 that I'll be using it a lot. I have cleared the assignments from FSUIPC and will have a look in the ini file as you suggest. I didn't think of that. I'll keep an eye out for the Milviz v4 version of the BB58. Thanks again Bob, Philip
  7. Beechcraft Baron

    Thanks very much Bob. Needless to say, no rush. Much appreciate your taking the time, Philip
  8. Beechcraft Baron

    Hi Bob, Thanks for that. First - you say you don’t fly the default Baron any more - is there a buy-in Baron option you could recommend? I have the PMDG 737NGX for P3Dv4 but have only dipped my toe in that so far, although the default 737 in FSXSE has been my favourite aircraft for the past couple of years. Any more complex 737 seemed pointless to me with FSXSE because of the OOM problems I was already doing battle with. I am using ORBX scenery including ORBX EU and have ORBX IRL too, but that was virtually unusable with the the 737 in FSXSE because of OOM issues. But P3Dv4 and the 64 bit world changes everything - I think it is magnificent and opens all sorts of doors to better mirroring reality. ORBX IRL works beautifully with P3Dv4 and OOM is no longer an issue - there are lots of other issues, but that’s all part of the fun. Now, the BB58 puzzling issue I mentioned has to do with the Fuel Selector positions. As you know, each fuel selector has three positions - OFF, ON and CROSSFEED. There is no way to map these positions to any keyboard key or any panel button using the control assignment options in P3Dv4, that I can see. They can be mapped through FSUIPC which gives the options “fuel selector off” , “fuel selector centre” and “fuel selector right” for the L/H engine settings: Fuel Selector OFF / ON / CROSSFEED; and “fuel selector 2 off” , “fuel selector 2 centre” and “fuel selector 2 left” for the R/H engine settings: Fuel Selector OFF / ON / CROSSFEED. So I mapped these positions for each selector to 6 different keys on the keyboard having made sure that none of these keys were already assigned through P3Dv4 control options to anything else, or if they were, first deleting such assignments. Having done that and having shut everything off and turned the fuel selectors to OFF, I saved the Baron parked, dead and cold. I assigned everything that I could to mimic RW conditions (I used to do a bit of RW flying years ago - so I am trying to revisit that type of situation - health prevents the obvious solution). So I open the scenario and go through the checklist and come to “start”, dealing with one engine at a time. The checklist naturally includes turning the fuel selector to ON. I go through the correct procedures re Electrics, Sufficient Fuel, Prop, Mixture , Throttle, Fuel pump on and off, crack throttle etc, then using a mapped key I turn the starter/magneto switch clockwise to “start”, and hold, - but the engine won’t start. It will turn, but it won’t start. It turns merrily, but no smoke - not a splutter. (It will start, from D&C, if I use Ctrl + E which is “auto start”, and auto-start, as part of the starting procedure, selects ON for the fuel selector too. But I don’t want to use auto start. The engines will start will start from any crazy settings configuration using auto start, which is not anything like the RW.) Experimenting, I tried other options with some very puzzling outcomes. If I begin again, from D&C and turn the selector from OFF to CROSSFEED (instead of to ON), using the key to which I had the CROSSFEED option mapped, the engine will start. The same applies to the second engine. With the selector keys mapped in that way the engines will only start with the selectors at CROSSFEED. Having started the engines at CROSSFEED, (having selected CROSSFEED using the mapped keys), if I then turn either selector back to ON, (again using the mapped keys) the engine(s) will immediately stop ! If I fly the aircraft with the selectors at CROSSFEED it performs fine, even when thrown about a bit, although the POH warns strongly against using CROSSFEED in flight except in crisis situations. On the off chance that the keys involved were doing something in the background that I was missing, I remapped the ON position for one engine, to a totally different key, which I borrowed from another assignment, so I absolutely knew it was not mapped behind the scenes to anything to do with the engine, and using it to turn the selector from CROSSFEED to ON, the engine still stopped. The really puzzling thing is, if I use the mouse, instead of the key, to turn the selector from CROSSFEED to ON, the engine stays working fine ! So my current solution is. I have deleted all 6 keyboard assignments for the fuel selectors. I start the scenario D&C with the selectors OFF and use the mouse to turn them on, and now the engines start fine. I don’t really like using the mouse, but I may have to live with that. Why the mysterious outcomes using mapped keys? Any ideas? Thanks for taking the time to read all that. Philip
  9. Beechcraft Baron

    Thanks Bob, I had a look at that. Actually, I find that I am using the 2D panel for instruments. I have 4 monitors in an enclosed cockpit set-up; 3 monitors for external views - front and both sides - I use virtual cockpit views for those 3 views - suitably adjusted and orientated to create the desired effect. The 4th monitor I use for instruments and populate it with undocked 2D windows of various instrument clusters, one of those being the 2D version of the main panel. As you point out on that version the fuel pump can be toggled through off / lo / hi, but I can only map off / lo or off / hi through a key or button. I can't find a way to map the 3 positions off/lo/hi through a key or button. I have to use the mouse to toggle the 3 positions. Perhaps there is no other way. I have also run into a puzzling phenomenon in relation to starting the BB58 from D&C. If I could pick your brains on that issue too I'd be most grateful. Let me know if that would be okay. Philip
  10. Beechcraft Baron

    Thanks Bob, I'll have a look at that, Philip
  11. Beechcraft Baron

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a setting in the P3Dv4 control assignment options or in FSUIPC5 to enable mapping of the LO (intermediate) setting on the Beechcraft Baron 58 to a panel button or the keyboard? I can toggle both pumps, or either individually, from OFF to HI - mapped to a button on a panel using FSUIPC, but I can't find any way to select LO (other than with the mouse, which I want to avoid as much as possible). There only seems to be one option in the FSUIPC list (Fuel Pump) and also only one option in the P3D controls - ON or OFF, both giving HI for ON. Or, if LO is set with the mouse then the assigned button/key will toggle between OFF and LO, but exclude HI. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, Philip McComiskey
  12. Reinstall required

    Thanks again Dan Philip.
  13. Reinstall required

    Thanks Dan, I'll try that route and if things go haywire I can go the restore route. Do you feel it's important to have P3Dv4 on the C:root or is it okay in programs ? Perhaps the legacy issues that made that preferable no longer apply. I have been going through the P3D instructions all day (135 pages !!) and it seems to me that they were written for P3D and not updated for v4, although they came with the v4 download. For instance there is a long section in it dealing with VAS limitation of 4GB leading to OOM and how best to deal with that. It specifically says that this is because P3D is a 32 bit program (which we all know) even though these instructions accompany the PMDG 737NGX for P3Dv4, which I understood is a 64 bit program. So surely all that section is superfluous at best and really quite misleading for novices like me. P3Dv4 is 64 bit, isn't it? Thanks again. Philip McComiskey Ireland
  14. Reinstall required

    Hi, I bought and installed P3Dv4 a few days ago but allowed it to install into the program folder instead of directly onto the C drive. I then bought and installed the PMDG 737NGX for P3Dv4 which automatically installed into the P3D folder and also added various scenery packages which are also in the P3D folder. I now find, on reading the PMDG instructions in the operation center (which clearly I should have done first) that the 737NGX should be installed directly onto the C drive. The PC has two SSDs. It seems to me that the cleanest way for me to sort this out is to restore my PC to a previous date (I have images of both drives taken a few weeks ago) and thus clear out everything - P3Dv4 / PMDG 737 / ORBX etc, and start again, this time installing P3Dv4 directly onto the C drive and then allowing the PMDG 737 to install into the P3D folder. Does this seem like an acceptable solution and will my original ID and key allow me to reinstall and reactivate the PMDG 737 ? Any advice would be much appreciated, Philip McComiskey Ireland
  15. Hi, My setup includes: i7-7700 4.2GHz - not overclocked EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 32GB (4x8) DDR4 Enclosed cockpit with 4 Monitors - 3 for external views, 1 for instruments. I use 3 AOC 2369 monitors for the side views and the instrument panel - 1920 x 1080 , 60 Hz, and the resolution is fine. I use a large, c.37 inch, pretty old (maybe 10 years) full HD 1920 x 1080, Philips TV for the front screen and the resolution on it is noticeably poorer, but tolerable. (I don't use the full 37 inch screen but a reduced size window on it for the front view which suits my cockpit layout.) I intend to change to a new monitor for the front screen in the immediate future - ideally 34 inch, but possibly I will have to settle for 32 inch. My question is about choice of resolution. Is it workable to add a higher resolution monitor for the front view into the multi monitor setup, for instance a 2560 x 1440, 75 Hz, and will FSX ( and P3Dv4) allow that monitor to be operated at the higher resolution while the 3 AOCs are operating at 1920 x 1080? I'm a little uneasy about mixing resolutions. If anyone has knowledge in this area your advice would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance and happy flying, Philip