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  1. oggyp

    Bugs/issues report thread

    Wait for me when I reach 4000ft my altitude and heading indicator went crazy and spinning my back up altitude indictor was working perfectly anything I'm missing I do change to out side views a lot I like looking at the beauty but not a beauty when Pfds are not working properly plz help
  2. oggyp

    Bugs/issues report thread

    wait for me! my pfd is working properly for below 4000ft above makes it go crazy like spinning and stuff while other instruments are fin i wrote a ticket that didnt seem to help anyone got ideas
  3. help! i used the map to take me to 30,000 ft then my altimeter went crazy and so did my heading indicator can anyone help whats wrong?! :mad:
  4. when i load my pmdg 777 liverie the aircraft doesent work but with normal house liverie it works help! and nothing can be touched oh wait its working i think its because it never installezsted adaf what ever no need to replay to this topic :lol:
  5. oggyp

    Can't download Liveries!

    if u havent all ready updated the center do it now it should fix the livery manager thing ur talking about
  6. oggyp

    Autopilot disconnect alarm won't acknowledge

    of cource but the sound wont stop until u reset it in pmdg setup> aircraft> page 9> reset able siren yes
  7. oggyp

    ATC not working

    erm its not working the mikes not working