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  1. romney

    P3Dv2 and Windows 10

    Remember Windows 10 is still beta. With build 10122, I was finally able to update windows without a full wipe. Versions prior required a full ISO reinstall. I had to reinstall all applications including P3D and add-ons. I'm anxiously awaiting the next build on the fast ring, but we're going to have to wait for E3 to be done before we see that. With 10130, I've noticed an subtle increased frame-rate with a very alpha Win 10 AMD driver (15.200.1023.5) When the RTM is released, I will wipe the computer and reinstall all applications and P3D again.
  2. Agreed, although in my situation, It's not the CPU. My I7 930 has been overclocked to 4.07Ghz for the past three years. It's my GPU configuration. 2x Radeon 5870 Crossfire. I understand that FSX/P3D cannot take advantage of multi GPU's. GPU load is my problem. My point exactly! Great choice of video. Again, I agree, Then what is the problem? That's a pretty broad statement about not having a clue. I've had no problem playing FarCry4 (no crossfire support), Assassins Creed 4 and many, many, many other games. We are all enthusiasts in this genre with diverse backgrounds. The bus latency of PCIe 3.0 vs 2.0 is insignificant and there is still plenty of headroom in both standards. As Denali stated, once DX12 is truly implemented, something amazing will happen. Until then, I'll just upgrade the GPU. BTW, I am running WIn 10. Viel Spaß!
  3. We're all trying to squeeze the most out of our rigs. The diverse nature of hardware and software makes it extremely difficult to create a base line. I've spent more time configuring device drivers, bios settings and config files than flying. BUT, it's that LEGO nature in me to build, destroy and rebuild a faster, better (insert the opening trailer for the Six Million Dollar Man) machine/simulator. Flight Simulator has been my graphic benchmark since SubLogic's first release. Since the early days. the demands on the hardware have always been an excuse to upgrade. Here's a great video demonstrating the iterations of the flightsim engine from the inception to FSX. With this evolution, the code has transformed from CPU dependent into being GPU intensive. Which brings me to this conundrum, do I really need to update my entire rig to increase P3D FPS? Guru3d posted a very informative article about the PCIe bus. The performance delta between PCIe 2.0 and 3.0 is negligible. Conclusion, I'll update the rig later, get a new GPU and not worry about the minimal bus latency. Viel Spaß!
  4. Sorry for the multiple posts. AVSIM went down for maintenance when posting.
  5. What a unique livery! How and why did Iceland Air do this? It's a great story! I'm ready to dust off my old pixel brushes to repaint, BUT, which 757-200 model? Viel Spaß!
  6. romney

    Windows 10 Build 9926 and P3D 2.4

    Really? Come on. Let's look at this graph. It's P3D, a DX11 App using all cores.
  7. romney

    Windows 10 Build 9926 and P3D 2.4

    I'm forcing AFR Friendly with these settings. The second GPU is definitely seeing usage with ONLY P3D running.
  8. romney

    Windows 10 Build 9926 and P3D 2.4

    I completely understand and would NOT recommend it for a non-development / daily-driver installation. For current full-screen games, there is a performance hit as mentioned in your link. My 3DMark Sky Diver Results: Win8.1 Win10 My delta is -5.617%. With dev builds, there is overhead in debug tools running in the background. AND, I'm running old hardware. Now with that being understood, In it's current state, P3D is unique in this situation. It's a DX11 32-Bit application running in a full screen/window mode. I have not experienced degradation in frame rates. This fix is for AMD Crossfire. Will not work with Nvidia SLI. Works in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Read this thread. Power options / PCI Express / Link State Power Management / Setting: Off How did I create a crossfire profile for P3D? It needs to be created in CCC. Uninstall Raptr CCC needs to be disabled on startup (Conflicts with MSI AB) MSI Afterburner is enabled on startup with these settings: IMPORTANT: This is my PC configuration. Every PC is different. Your mileage may vary. Restart your PC Viel Spaß!
  9. Well, I took the dive and updated to Windows 10 after reading this article on Let me backup for a minute, I had Win 8.1/P3D 2.4 running flawlessly at 20 FPS with 2x5870's in Crossfire/AFR Friendly. I finally figured out the micro-stutters were caused by ULPS enabled in the registry. So back to the present, After reading the article, I couldn't resist updating to Win10. The installation took about 2 hours. I retained all my applications and I also have the ability to roll back to Win 8.1. The only caveat was my sound card wasn't working (SB X-Fi Titanium PCIe). After some tweaking, I was able to restore my 7.1 surround. Of course the first thing, I wanted to test-drive, um, fly was P3D. I monitored CPU and GPU clock speeds and temps with MSI Afterburner. I noticed micro-stutters and the first GPU clock was jumping around. When I inspected the registry. ULPS had been enabled again. I disabled it. I'm now back to my solid 20 FPS. Viel Spaß! Jay
  10. romney

    Any news on P3D V2.5?

    In My Humble Opinion and I am not an employee of LM, LM is developing a COTS flight simulation application. The keyword here is the "C" in COTS. Commercial. LM P3D customers require a product that simulates an environment that is sterile and stable. Sterile? In a commercial training simulation, CTD or OOM are not acceptable. LM P3D 2.4 vanilla is stable. The clients don't change the config file, add scenery and/or aircraft to their sim. It's about simulating the mission from start to finish. It's not about the "eye candy". When LM acquired the Microsoft ESP codebase, one side affect was the huge library base from FSX community. Some users have expected or demanded FSX files to work in P3D. This has been a point of contention. Adding FSX scenery, aircraft and tools can and will impact the performance of P3D, What about P3D compatible scenery, simobjects, and aircraft? It's all brilliant. Why brilliance? There has been a noticeable resurgence in commercial and enthusiast flight simulation (P3D,FSX,FSX-SE,X-Plane). Vendors are upgrading FSX products to be P3D compatible. Sometimes this works, sometime is doesn't. Airport lighting for example. When FSX products have been re-compiled (correctly with the P3D SDK), LM can leverage an existing developer base to create a customized client sim requirement with negligible internal development costs while licensing third party developers. As stated before, LM's target market is not an enthusiast. Will FSX-SE edition impact P3D sales? No. P3D is for a completely different market segment. I am most impressed with FSX-SE for re-introducing a whole new generation to flight AGL. With this new interest, it's inspiring a whole new set of developers and PIC's. As per the OP, yes, 64 bit, can and will break a lot of existing code. It's not as easy as a recompile. Developing AMD Crossfire and Nvidia SLI driver configurations will greatly increase performance within in the sim. When is the update going to be available? Politely, stop asking. Wheels up and enjoy your flight! Viel Spaß!
  11. The left side of the screen is the stock shaders. I have not used Rob's HD tweak, so I cannot comment. On a side note, I did NOT enable HDR in SweetFX. My understanding is that DSR is for Nvidia cards. I have ATI cards. There is no known tutorial. At this point, I would like to pause and say. You can, and I did, break P3D to the point of not booting. This mod is for advanced users. I thoroughly read both readme files. Even when installed correctly, It can crash the sim. It's beta software. With that being said, here are some of the caveats I encountered. First, it does NOT modify your P3D config. Safe there, but it does add DLL's to the main directory which can, as mentioned before, cause the sim not to boot. One of the main problems was the installer detecting P3D as a DirectX 9 program with no option to switch. As such, it installed the default DX9 DLL's for SweetFX. The shaders keep compiling in DX9/DX10. I wanted/needed/coveted the DX11 shaders. After much frustration, I deleted only the SweetFX DX9 DLL's in the main P3D directory. Then I re-ran the installer and it detected P3D as unknown. I was then able to select the radio button for DX11. After I installed it and loaded up the sim, I started changing different parameters within the SweetFx.cfg file. I'd load notepad. Make the changes. Save. Close. Delete the shaders directory. Launch sim. See the changes. Close sim. Launch notepad. Make changes. Save. Close. Rinse, repeat. After spending a lot of time. I forgot that I had left the SweetFX.cfg open in notepad. The sim was still running. I went ahead a made a change to one of the shaders. Hit save and was amazed to see the changes took place in real-time in the sim. There was no need to keep reloading the sim after the changes were made. After that, it was a lot of fun exploring the different shaders and there combinations. I currently have the following shaders enabled: SMAA LUMASHARPEN DPX LIFTGAMMAGAIN VIBRANCE CURVES DITHER And I'm still delving deeper into the config file.