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  1. Hi Brad27 I have had similar thing. I saved flight, and load the same. Sometimes when you load that particular engine smoke and no winglets will appear again. Don't save the game anymore. Load the game again and everything will be ko ko. That is my experience. All the best, and without frustrations Sime
  2. Flying only on the Vatsim for a couple of years, so don't know anything about Ivao. Regarding controllers , especially the Approach controllers have to say that more and more I have bad experience. On the final approach you can see that they are making mistake or they will make a mistake, and you have to follow their instruction, otherwise..... I am flying with 747 and she is big and "lazy". She can not turn for 90 degrees in 200 meters, and that is what those controllers are doing. So after a long haul flight they mess up everything. On the end I am looking for the airport without the controllers.
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