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  1. ATC Chatter talking over comms

    Hi Dave, This is still an issue with V2.5.0.0 Best regards Rob
  2. Incorrect QNH

    Hi Dave, I have noticed since the last update there is a problem with the initial QNH reported by Clearance Delivery. My weather comes from Active Sky. The initial ATIS at the departure airport is always correct, however Clearance always reports a different QNH. Above you can see the QNH reported from Active Sky is 29.79 (1009). (Sorry the flight plan covers the metric value of QNH) Above is my Clearance. Notice QNH is reported as 1005. Now Ground reports QNH correctly as 1009. This happens on every flight. Best regards Rob
  3. ATC Chatter talking over comms

    Comm swap didn't make any noticeable difference to me. I agree with knightracing in that it seems to happen when you have a long readback. Best regards Rob
  4. ATC Chatter talking over comms

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I will try the comm swap and see if that alleviates the problem. I will let you know. Best regards Rob
  5. Hi Dave, I just re-initialized my PC running P2A V2.4.0.5. The PC also has Prosim (cockpit) installed. All other flight sim apps including P3DV4 are on another PC. I am using voice commands and find that the ATC Chatter will talk over the top of me when I am transmitting on either comm or even listening to ATIS. This never used to happen and I believe it started with the 64bit version. Has anyone else reported this? Best regards Rob
  6. No ATIS V2.3.0.0

    Hi Dave, I initially loaded the sim at my last position YPPH (Perth, Australia) with Active Sky weather and P2A reported no ATIS available. Tried changing frequencies away from ATIS and back again and it still did not work. Changed to NOAA weather still no joy. Allowed about 10 minutes between weather sources for weather updates to occur. Moved to YPAD (Adelaide) and same problem occurred. Also frequencies would no longer change in P2A from my radios driver through Prosim. P2A was stuck on ATIS. Disconnected from the sim and reconnected. Same problem with radios. Restarted the sim (location YBBN Brisbane) and P2A. This time ATIS worked correctly and radios were working again. Unfortunately I have to leave the sim for now. Will do some other testing ASAP. Regards Rob
  7. No ATIS V2.3.0.0

    Hi Dave, Since V2.3.0.0 I no longer get an ATIS readback when I tune the local ATIS frequency, P2A reports no ATIS information available. I have Active Sky weather set up and can see the current weather report if I click on the "WX" icon. Different stations report the correct QNH during the flight so it seems P2A is reading the Active Sky weather file. Regards Rob
  8. Transponder

    Thanks for the reply Dave. After further investigation, I am not sure P3D actually cares about the transponder status. I can't seem to find an FSUIPC offset that works except if you use SquawkBox. Best regards Rob
  9. Transponder

    Hi Dave, I want to assign a joystick button to change the transponder status. Either toggle through the status options or immediately set it to "Active". I have tried to assigned a button in FSUIPC through their interface but either I don't have the correct reference or P2A does not recognise the command. Also, I have been unable to verify any change in state feedback to the sim via the FSUIPC logging window if I change state in P2A. ie from "Off" to "Active" or "Standby" Does P2A provide Transponder Status feedback to P3D (FSX) or does it just keep the status internal for P2A ATC? If it does provide feedback, can you please provide details? ie FSUIPC Offset and Parameter. Otherwise, can you consider an update that either allows button/key assignment or feedback to the sim. Best regards Rob
  10. Hi Dave, Thanks for your help and patience. I uninstalled SQL and then installed V2.2.2.1 over the top of the existing version. That fixed the problem. Best regards Rob
  11. Hi Dave, Deleted the \P2ADYNAMICDATA_LOG.LDF again. Re-installed P2A. On the re-install I got an error regarding the installation of the MDF file. I closed SQL and that allowed the installation to continue. Got the same error when I tried to start P2A. Here is a link to the image. Couldn't figure out how to insert it.!AgbhDfh3cfVIsTQEKZhrv42_lUw3 Best regards Rob
  12. Hi Dave, I have the same problem. I deleted the \P2ADYNAMICDATA_LOG.LDF file but the system does not rebuild a new one. I rebooted the PC to try and fix the problem but that did not work. Any other ideas? Best regards Rob
  13. Getting Started at an Uncontrolled Airport

    I agree with that Mike. So I tried a flight from an uncontrolled airport. Verified and Filed the flight plan. Once on my way I contacted a controller and received flight plan clearance. Great! Thanks Dave. Regards Rob
  14. Getting Started at an Uncontrolled Airport

    Thanks Dave, I'll give that try and report back if there are any problems.
  15. Getting Started at an Uncontrolled Airport

    Hi Dave, I don't think this will always work. I know of some airports that only have Unicom and no Departure nearby. YMHU (McArthur River) is one. Regards Rob