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  1. robbroadbent

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    Hi Pete, Just so I can see what is around me during pushback and sometimes during flight. But you right, it is not reality. Best regards and thanks again for your help. Rob
  2. robbroadbent

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    Hi All, I have succeed in making huge inroads here. Thanks mainly to Pete Dowson for his ideas. Do not set up ViewGroups through Immersive Display Pro. Use their old method of Custom Cameras. Frame rates are a lot better. My biggest problem now is trying to get 3 cameras to pan together. Anyone got any ideas how to achieve this? Best regards Rob
  3. robbroadbent

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    I agree Pete, Viewgoups are much worse. Still working on warping the 3 views but I am sure I will get there. I have seen a huge improvement in frame rates with 3 windows open. SLI enabled and spanned. I am using Immersive Display Pro also. Best regards Rob
  4. robbroadbent

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    Thanks Pete, That is a great help. Everything I have read said to use ViewGroups. It is a FPS killer because, as Gerard has stated, undocking P3D windows causes huge hits. Now working to warp single Nvidia spanned view with 2 additional views. Best regards Rob
  5. robbroadbent

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    Hi Gerard, Haven't noticed any difference yet with HT off. I will do further testing. Best regards Rob
  6. robbroadbent

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    Thanks Gerard, I'll turn HT off tomorrow and see if that improves things. (Its 9:50 PM here in Oz) I'll also try the O/C suggestions. When you had the second card installed, did you run in SLI? If so, was it better with SLI on or off? I don't quite understand why when I run the 3 GPU's not in SLI (1 to each projector) that it is the worst scenario with lowest frame rates. It seems P3D doesn't like to operate on more than 2 GPU's. You are spot on about the frame rate hits when you undock a view.I'll report back with my findings. Pete, could you please explain how you achieved this? I thought the only way to achieve a non distorted view was have the 3 separate windows. Best regards Rob
  7. robbroadbent

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could offer some advice please. I have a new system similar to those mentioned here, Asus X299 Deluxe Prime motherboard, i9 7900x CPU running at 4.6Ghz, 32gb Ram and 3 x 1080ti cards with SLI bridge installed. I am very unfamiliar with setting up SLI. I also have 3 projectors and use Immersive Display Pro for warping. I was running a 6700K CPU with 2 980ti's and it ran fairly well. It had 1 projector on one GPU and 2 projectors on the other in non SLI because the MB did not support it. For the life of me I cannot get decent frame rates with the new system. I have tried one GPU for each projector. (Woeful!) All projectors on 1 GPU in SLI (better but still not great) and the best FPS I get is the 3 projectors on one GPU not running SLI. (ie 2 GPU's sitting there doing nothing) In the first 2 scenarios, as soon as I create a new window (for testing purposes) and undock it, the FPS plummets. There is only a small FPS hit in the 3rd configuration. I have not changed anything in the Nvidia Control Panel except to enable SLI so I don't think that is the problem unless there is another setting I don't know about. I have read many forum posts and tried a multitude of suggestions but nothing seems to work for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated and thank you for your time. Best regards Rob Broadbent
  8. robbroadbent

    ATC Chatter talking over comms

    Hi Dave, It is definitely my chatter files from X-ATC-Chatter that are playing over ATIS. I tried swapping frequencies but that did not work. P2A always seems starts on the ATIS frequency. I should try starting at an airport that does not have ATIS. Because I fly the Prosim 737 exclusively I don't visit many of them. I will see if I can investigate further and send you another log dump. Best regards Rob
  9. robbroadbent

    ATC Chatter talking over comms

    Hi Dave, I am still experiencing Chatter over ATIS in version I haven't noticed it over my fp read back though. Best regards Rob
  10. robbroadbent

    ATIS/Chatter Question/Issues

    Hi Dave, The problem with Chatter over ATIS is still a bug in In my limited checking I have not heard Chatter occurring during my read backs as it would in the past. Best regards Rob
  11. robbroadbent

    ATC Chatter talking over comms

    Hi Dave, This is still an issue with V2.5.0.0 Best regards Rob
  12. robbroadbent

    Incorrect QNH

    Hi Dave, I have noticed since the last update there is a problem with the initial QNH reported by Clearance Delivery. My weather comes from Active Sky. The initial ATIS at the departure airport is always correct, however Clearance always reports a different QNH. Above you can see the QNH reported from Active Sky is 29.79 (1009). (Sorry the flight plan covers the metric value of QNH) Above is my Clearance. Notice QNH is reported as 1005. Now Ground reports QNH correctly as 1009. This happens on every flight. Best regards Rob
  13. robbroadbent

    ATC Chatter talking over comms

    Comm swap didn't make any noticeable difference to me. I agree with knightracing in that it seems to happen when you have a long readback. Best regards Rob
  14. robbroadbent

    ATC Chatter talking over comms

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I will try the comm swap and see if that alleviates the problem. I will let you know. Best regards Rob
  15. Hi Dave, I just re-initialized my PC running P2A V2.4.0.5. The PC also has Prosim (cockpit) installed. All other flight sim apps including P3DV4 are on another PC. I am using voice commands and find that the ATC Chatter will talk over the top of me when I am transmitting on either comm or even listening to ATIS. This never used to happen and I believe it started with the 64bit version. Has anyone else reported this? Best regards Rob