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  1. Hi guys, Did anyone manage to dowload the latest version of the zibomod version 3.44? I cannot either download or copy the file into my own drive for some reason. Cheers
  2. Hi again, Please ignore my last message. I have found the way to do it. It took me a while but I eventually managed. Have a great day. Martial
  3. Hi Dave, I am still looking currently for this volume control in order to increase the atc chatter that i can't hear because of the sound my engines are making but I can't find anything. Is it really where the frequencies are in the bottom left? Cheers Martial
  4. Hi everyone! I have exactly the same problem... I read the manual of the ATR upside down and there is no way FS2crew is activating even though the brakes are on and the aircraft has been selected from the FSX main panel...Not sure what to do next. If anyone has any idea how to get that issue sorted please could you let me know? Many Thanks Martial
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