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  1. Hi guys, any news on how to fix this issue? Mine is still not working despite uninstalling and installing again several times and running it as admin. Thanks for your help Martial
  2. Hi guys, Since today, I can no longer access market place...I have done everything I have been told to do including checking that my accounts on MSFS and on microsoft app store do match and they do. My online data in MSFS are on....it was working perfectly until now. Does anyone know what suddenly went wrong? Many thanks for your help. Martial
  3. How did you do that? I verified the location of the XML file and it is where it should be. Still no interaction from the first officer yet. I will try to uninstall and reinstall it again just in case. Martial
  4. Hi guys, I have followed these instructions but I still get the message that the XML data file is not loading. It says ensure the flight sim is running and it is.....I start everything as an admin to avoid issues but I cannot get fs2crew to work properly. It does load but no sound can be heard. I am really confused. It was working fine for so long and now it doesn't.... Thanks for your help Martial
  5. Hi guys, Did anyone manage to dowload the latest version of the zibomod version 3.44? I cannot either download or copy the file into my own drive for some reason. Cheers
  6. Hi again, Please ignore my last message. I have found the way to do it. It took me a while but I eventually managed. Have a great day. Martial
  7. Hi Dave, I am still looking currently for this volume control in order to increase the atc chatter that i can't hear because of the sound my engines are making but I can't find anything. Is it really where the frequencies are in the bottom left? Cheers Martial
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