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  1. MrDirt

    Alaska For P3d V4.4?

    Works fine in 4.4 been using it for along time. The Misty flying club is also a winner. It gives you a reason to use their scenery by flying tours of the area.
  2. Flightsim labs Airbus 320 and 319 are very good also. I also have the PMDG 737 which is also very good. I also have the Majestic Q400 which is also great but is a Turboprop still a very fine aircraft. I think any one of them would make you happy. It many depends on you wants. The Majestic and the PMDG can be more hands on, but the FSL Airbus seems to me to be very easy to learn and fly. Aerosoft also makes the Airbus family but I know nothing about them. I am sure there will be many more Captains stopping by with more experience than me to give their opinions.
  3. MrDirt

    TropicalSim KMCI Kansas City

    I have it works fine looks decent. They upgraded it to Prepar3d v4 so I just used the installer.
  4. MrDirt

    Trackhat works but very clumsy

    I have his track hat in both the wireless and wired. The wired one broke under use from my Grandchildren, the mounting tab broke. I brought the wireless one and both have worked great. I had to take the time to set them up in the track ir software, but they both worked great.
  5. MrDirt

    Flightsim Labs A320-X Tutorials

    Chuck's has a walk through tutorial flight located in it, but I do agree it is very detail orientated.
  6. MrDirt

    Flightsim Labs A320-X Tutorials

    Another vote for Chuck's for Prepar3d and DCS as well.
  7. Been using it since Beta release it has gotten better over time and I feel it is well worth it also.
  8. MrDirt

    Do you use a Download Accelerator?

    I use Internet Download Manager also, have for several years now with no problems.
  9. MrDirt

    737 night flight how to switch on the lights

    Oliver at Lorby has created a flashlight a person can use inside a dark plane. The app is available for free at his website.
  10. MrDirt

    Cielosim KJAX

    Thanks DJJose i appreciate the help.
  11. MrDirt

    Which GTN750

    Have the RXP woks great easy install. Works great.
  12. MrDirt

    Beaver Backfire ?

    I want to say I was having this problem too. Thanks to all who answered. I work as a Pharmacist so to me there is no dumb questions because many people ask many dumb ones. People seek information that is often labeled clearly on the bottle, but they trust a human response to confirm what they are seeing. There are also many who will not listen because what you are saying is not what they want to hear. I see both sides of this discussion, but in the end everyone worked it out. Again thanks to all
  13. +1 For Flysimware's Cessna 441 Conquest II.
  14. I brought the Falcon 50 and have downloaded the updates each time. I have tried to download the latest update and I get the message I have reached my download limit. I understand I have Emailed them for more downloads but, my question is; am I doing the update process right. It seems to me with this being a Beta release there would not be a download limit. I have purchased other beta releases and have not had a download limit. I feel I must be doing something wrong. I uninstall and go to the website my account and download the new version. Is this the correct procedure? Thanks in advace for any help given. Thanks John