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  1. Doesn't the Steamdeck replace your PC? I've done numerous web searches and am still confused as to it's use, especially if you a decent desktop computer and monitor.
  2. I hope they checked to see if there was a lawn chair with a 6 pack hanging underneath one of those ballons before they fired a missile at it.
  3. I'm sure that most of you already know this, but that's not the actual video of the incident. There was none and the girl was flying a Piper Warrior that had lost one wheel This happened back in 2018. Someone just pasted the audio from some site like Vasaviation on some random aircraft video making a wheels up landing. It happened at Berverly Airport in Mass.. Vasaviation has the entire audio from start to finish.
  4. Can you imagine the stories the people who participated in the funeral march will be able to tell their children and grandchildren. Especially, the Royal Sailors who pulled the gun carriage and the soldiers who handled the coffin. Their faces were there to be seen in sharp vivid color, worldwide. Nice to see the Gurkha's had a prominent role.
  5. The boneyard at Monthan AFB shows up clear as a bell with Google Earth. You can zoom in quite a bit and still see F4 Phantoms, B1's, B52's, A10's, transports of every type, fighter types of all kinds, etc.. Must be be hundreds. What i did look for was the F117. Didn't spot any of them. A google search showed they are in storage somewhere else.
  6. He has a second book out called 'Hauling Checks'. About hauling cancelled bank checks and bank records around (takes place in the 70's & 80's.) Similar to his first book. Worn out planes, weird co pilots, crooked boss, etc. Somewhat funny, but he takes the gross factor to the next level (bathroom humor). Hard to believe, that some people actually treat these books as fact. Good for a rainy summer day to kill some time with.
  7. 75, since subLOGIC's Airline Transport Pilot.
  8. He's been pretty secretive about the whole thing.. The video's he's been posting are from past flights. I believe he mentioned he was going to do that for a while. He probably is picking up a few dollars from that. I know he was asking a pretty penny for his plane. I think it was in the $300, 000 + range. It was listed on Controller, but for some reason I have been unable to check aircraft listings on it today. It has been an unusual situation. He had a pretty popular Youtube channel. I keep expecting to see him popup in a light jet or something.
  9. IAA has banned this person for life from flying with them. There should be a master list of these people that airlines could share, banning them from flying with anybody. I guess this has been proposed, but hasn't gone anywhere.
  10. When you talk about the WW2 legacy fading, it reminds me of the ending of James Mticheners book 'Tales of the South Pacific' They will live a long time, these men of the South Pacific. They had an American quality. They, like their victories, will be remembered as long as our generation lives. After that, like the men of the Confederacy, they will become strangers. Longer and longer shadows will obcure them until their Guadalcanal sounds distant on the ear like Shiloh and Valley Forge.
  11. Don't forget to add bit miners. With that market going crazy, they are grabbing every GPU they can get their hands on .Nvidia, supposedly has admitted to selling pallet loads directly to them.
  12. There was a twitchy elevator response? After 30 years. I can't even remember what I used for a joy stick. I think it was a small simple device or maybe just the keyboard.
  13. Airline Transport Pilot by Sublogic in 1990 was the ultimate flightsim for me.
  14. I'll second the suggestion for URCDKey. I've used them before. Also no problem with changing my MB and CPU and using my original key.
  15. He has to have (Kevin), one of the nicest 310's flying, especially with what he has done to the panel. Can't wait to see his new paint job.
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