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  1. He has to have (Kevin), one of the nicest 310's flying, especially with what he has done to the panel. Can't wait to see his new paint job.
  2. Five, four three, two, one......and begin!
  3. Fitz505

    Your age?

    In 9 more days, I will have lived through 13 US Presidents. Born in 1946. Dad didn't waste anytime when he got home from the war.
  4. If this turns out to be anywhere near as good as they are saying, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see 'shortages' and long waits to get our hands on one.
  5. There are a some tutorial videos on Youtube showing how it works. Just type ATCpro and you will be able to pick them out (there are a few not related to the sim) John
  6. Many thanks. That Asus Boot Setting did the trick.
  7. Recently upgraded to a 6700K using Win 7 installed on a SSD(Asus MB). Now, apparently, my system boots so fast, I can no longer get into the BIOS. I've tried using both the F2 and Delete key doing everthing from multiple key presses to just holding the key down and the best I've been able to do is, get into the safe mode/repair mode screen. A Google search has shown a number of people reporting this issue after CPU/SSD upgrades. None of the suggestions has helped. Anyone else ever have this issue? I'm willing to upgrade to Win 10 if it would help. I even have a unused disk of Win 8 (shudder!). I'm that desperate. John
  8. They may just start cranking the prices up to compensate.
  9. I'll have to admit, there was an adjustment period. I kept feeling I was supposed to be doing something work related. I actually felt guilty, but I'm happy to say, that went away real fast. The one thing that has stayed with me, is getting up early in the morning. By 5:00 AM, the coffee is made, my toast is made, the house is quiet and I can plop myself in front of 'puter' in peace & quiet. Except for the cat. I swear, is it possible to own a computer, without a cat flopping on your keyboard at the worse possible moment.? As a side note, after 35 years of truck stop coffee, I bought myself a decent coffee maker and an actual coffee grinder, where I grind fresh beans every morning. You can take my house, you can take my car, you can take my wife (well, not really), but you'll have to pry my coffee grinder out of my cold dead fingers.
  10. Don't want to go off topic, but, how can you possibly compare pulling a drowning man out of a lake in the winter with someone digging their car out of the snow. I hardly think she was going to die from hypothermia, seeing how she was 15 feet from her front door, not to mention she is in her 20's, with a husband and I'm 67 years old. Hell, the guy across the street who was digging his car out was laughing at her and when she saw him, she started laughing. Jeez, that was supposed to be a humorous post.
  11. Retired truck driver here (car hauler) and live in upstate NY. About a month ago, we had about 18 inches of snow overnight and the windchill was 18 below zero (tough winter here). I stood at my front window with a cup of coffee watching the young woman next door, trying to dig her car out of the snow with a Tupperware bowl. I thought about going out to help her, but the wind chill was 18 below. Then I thought about offering her the use of my shovel, but my shovel was out back and i would have to go outside to get it and it was 18 below. So, I poured myself another cup of coffee and logged on to Avsim to see what was new. Retirement is Great.
  12. I'm confused as to how it's going to be set up. If the brakes of the aircraft are set, then yes it's going to fly a short distance. What you would have is the equivalent of a catapult launch. If the wheels are allowed to turn freely, then no way it's going to obtain flight. You would have no movement of air over the wings. Fitz
  13. I doubt if those little stubs would provide much lift for gliding a huge beast like that (I think a Hind weights over 9 tons empty!) , especially through all the maneuvers he was doing. He was doing 360's while almost in a hover at one point. Plus I think the rotors continue to rotate even if they are shut down. Isn't that what they call auto rotation? I think I'll stick with the strobe effect for now. However, I also wouldn't put pass someone doing some digital editing. John
  14. That's an easy one. I'm no expert, but I believe it's called the strobe effect, where it just looks like the rotor's are standing still. I'm sure someone will jump in with a more scientific explanation. I probably shouldn't have replied as I suspect you already know that. lol John
  15. Boy, that's scary. The implications could have been real nasty. Fitz
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