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  1. Fitz505

    Request for aircraft to be considered.

    Five, four three, two, one......and begin!
  2. Fitz505

    Your age?

    In 9 more days, I will have lived through 13 US Presidents. Born in 1946. Dad didn't waste anytime when he got home from the war.
  3. If this turns out to be anywhere near as good as they are saying, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see 'shortages' and long waits to get our hands on one.
  4. Fitz505

    Has anyone tried Flight1's new ATC sim?

    There are a some tutorial videos on Youtube showing how it works. Just type ATCpro and you will be able to pick them out (there are a few not related to the sim) John
  5. Fitz505

    Unable to enter BIOS after upgrade

    Many thanks. That Asus Boot Setting did the trick.
  6. Recently upgraded to a 6700K using Win 7 installed on a SSD(Asus MB). Now, apparently, my system boots so fast, I can no longer get into the BIOS. I've tried using both the F2 and Delete key doing everthing from multiple key presses to just holding the key down and the best I've been able to do is, get into the safe mode/repair mode screen. A Google search has shown a number of people reporting this issue after CPU/SSD upgrades. None of the suggestions has helped. Anyone else ever have this issue? I'm willing to upgrade to Win 10 if it would help. I even have a unused disk of Win 8 (shudder!). I'm that desperate. John
  7. Fitz505

    The Dollar is close to matching the EURO!

    They may just start cranking the prices up to compensate.
  8. Are you using a X55?
  9. Fitz505

    Orbx down as of 1/15/2015?

    OK here, on the east coast including forum for Orbx
  10. Fitz505

    Flightsim Store Australian/US bank fees?

    Same here. Even PayPal showed the Australian rate at first, before at the final screen, it showed the US exchange rate. All's well, that ends well, I guess. I'm happy.
  11. Fitz505

    Flightsim Store Australian/US bank fees?

    Thanks Scott. That was going to be my next post, wondering if it was converted back to the US rate somewhere along the line.
  12. Decided to take the plunge on Orbx Global and take advantage to the Holiday discount. The FlightSim Store had it listed for $54.79 US, but at checkout the price was $66.95 US. I figured some sort of bank exchange fee, but $12 on a $55 purchase? Why oh Why, didn't I become a banker.
  13. Fitz505

    EZDOK on Steam FSX

    The developer on the SimForums/Ezdok has reported that he is working on a update. Hopefully, it should be available soon. The simconnect solution didn't work for me either.
  14. Fitz505

    EZDOK on Steam FSX

    Problems here also. Only FSX SE installed. I get the following error. FSX Folder or Aircrafts Not Found. The record in registry not found.
  15. Anyone having problems with IR5 and FSX SE (like me), I found this fix in the in the Steam support forums. Worked for me.