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    40-something years old. Former Twin Otter and Dash 8 pilot in various parts of the world. Now I fly a moving truck, so flight sim is filling part of the no-real-flying hole.
    Used FS9 since it came out, couldn't wait to build a system to run FSX, finally happened in April and haven't looked back...
  1. Thanks King of IFR, that did it for me too, had the same problem. Have my sweet sweet sounds back without doing a reinstall...
  2. Success!! Everything seems to be as it should. Now I can get back to business. Thank you again, wish I discovered this FS wisdom on the forums ten years ago... OOps looks like I did the 'solved' thing a little wrong..
  3. Great I'll try it, thanks Jim and everyone else!
  4. Ah HA, now we're getting somewhere. I was looking at the ARPT_RWY.dat file. But as you guys suggested, the wpNavAPT is very old, cycle 0805 from 2008. The airports.dat file is from cycle 0805 as well. Excellent. The other files all seem to be from the more recent (included with new 777 download from last week) cycle 1309. SO: wpNavAPT, old cycle airports.dat, old cycle everything else, cycle 1309 (Sep 2013) Let me know what you think, hopefully this is it. If I do a re-install, what do you think of this: uninstalling 777, deleting whatever NavData folder is in the PMDG folder (for the older aircraft installs) to keep that from being a problem, then reinstalling. Thanks guys for your help, seems like a silly little problem that's been dragged on but you keep coming back. Alex V.
  5. So found something interesting. After trying the above suggestions with no luck, I looked up some of the airports in the PMDG nav database. Unfortunately I can't seem to paste text into this window, but the short of it is that PMDG's info is definitely off. For example, at ANC it showed the FMC database having runway 14, while it showed FSX having runway 15. A quick change to correct the FMC database to 15, and now it does what it's supposed to in the sim. At ORD, the list of runways includes 9R and 27L, but no 9L/27R. So if you have a 9R, there must be a 9L, but there isn't, hence the error I guess. Which is great, but why are there these errors.... Similar at SEA, there's 16C and 16L, but no 16R. I'm sure there are more. Any suggestions for a quick fix for a correct database? No one else has encountered this? Thanks again... Alex V.
  6. Hi Michael, I've had the ANC scenery installed for a while, but just installed the latest update for it when the 777's FMC gave the rwy 15 error. The update makes the change from rwy 14 to 15. But after trying other airports that have had runway configuration changes, resulting in similar FMC errors, it is apparent that the problem is not with the ANC scenery. Stephen thanks, I'm going to try that. I've been suspecting RAAS as the culprit, I'll try turning it off first just to narrow it down. Alex V.
  7. ojiito

    Thank you

    I agree, PMDG absolutely freaking rocks. Alex V.
  8. Thanks Jim. Nav Data exactly as it appears on the FMC: AIRAC-1309, AUG22SEP18/13. 747 was installed about four months ago, 737 a few weeks ago, 777 was last. I think the problem is acting more like a new FMC database and old FSX database. Looking at the files in the NavData folder, the database I have seems to have the new runways at the airports that actually have them. I have tried the option 'Correct LOC CRS to FSX' on and off, just to see. Alex V.
  9. The error is this: On the ROUTE page, I put in as an example KIAH to PANC. Right away when I hit Enter I get this FMC message: PANC ERR: 15 RWY N/A But I tried it with other airports that I know have had either runway re-numberings or actual runway additions, such as Seattle and O'Hare and Dulles. To see if there was a difference, SEA and ORD are stock default airports on my system, ANC and IAD are addons. They all got similar errors: KSEA ERR: 16R RWY N/A KORD ERR: 09L RWY N/A etc...... it accepts the destination airport, but on the ARR DEP page it shows no sids or stars or runway options. I did not put a runway on the Route page. The 737NGX FMC does the same thing, but the Airbus X and Majestic Dash 8 work fine. I peaked in the NavData files in the PMDG folder, and from what I could see it looks like the data is there correctly, for the airports I was using here, with arrs and deps and waypoints and instructions and everything. I know what you mean about the PMDGs not knowing about the nav info from FSX, being independent from it, but something is making it do this. Does PMDG themselves give help on things like this?
  10. Interesting, Mr. Downs. I mostly agree with what you said, I guess I was assuming my issue was caused by the runway not matching the data, but maybe it's more likely that it's a meta-problem, like Aerosoft's data or format or something just isnt' there. Who knows. I am learning more and more of FSX's subtleties all the time, and it seems like each one produces a tree of new questions... By the time I think I'm getting it figured out, maybe a new sim will overtake it and then we'll all be back at square one. Upon a little more investigation, I get the same kind of FMC runway errors with any other airport that's had runway changes in the last 5 or 8 years or so, such as SEA, IAD, FAI, and some others. In each case I get no arrivals or departures to choose from. This is the case with the 737NGX as well, so points to the PMDG side of things. DJ thanks, it sounds like more along the lines of what Jim said, seems to be a problem on a basic level. I have to figure out if the FMC is looking for 14 or 15 at ANC. I installed the update because the old version of Anchorage X had runway 14 and I was getting an error message about rwy 15 N/A. Now 15 is there, but same message. Jim I will check out the stuff you suggested, but I have a hard time believing that I would have to buy a nav data update to use any of these airports' sids & stars. Alex V.
  11. Thanks Jim, Although I've had the 747 and 737 for a while, I just installed the 777 (200&300) within the last couple weeks so it's the latest one. I thought the scenery update would take care of it by matching the runways with those in the FMC database. It seems like that's what should have happened, but something's not meshing. I completely understand why I would have this problem at, say, Seattle, which has gotten a new runway since FSX came out, and I haven't updated that scenery to match the newer databases. This is also a major reason I would not pay for nav updates, most of the FSX are frozen in time while the real data is always changing, and you would end up with this sort of error a lot. Anyway, maybe the Aerosoft update doesn't complete some critical piece of data, hoping someone knows. Otherwise I'll try to go in and change the database manually. Alex V. I think the SIDs/STARs wouldn't show up because they are actually linked to the runways. If you want to fly the YESKA2 arrival to rwy 14, but it's actually 15 now, that star won't show up because that runway doesn't exist anymore, and the procedures even get renamed (usually by one number). So it'd be the YESKA3 to 15. At least I think that's how it works, could be wrong, it's been a while since I've been in the real system, but would make sense why the FMC isn't giving me the procedures. Alex V.
  12. Thanks very much, hate when that happens... You can delete this one too if you want. Impressed by your timely action!
  13. This is not the most user-friendly forum, kept timing out on me. Wish PMDG had their own support forum site... Alex Viechec
  14. Hi all, I know about the errors that come from the discrepancy between later FMC databases and the earlier default nav info, but I just installed the latest update for Aerosoft's Anchorage X, which changes rwy 14 to rwy 15, and supposedly the ILS as well. I did this because the FMC had an error alert for no runway 15 and would show no info for ANC. After the scenery update the FMC is still not showing any SIDs, STARS, or runways, even though the info on the FSX map view shows the new numbers so I assumed all the relevant AFCAD stuff was changed. I've had to manually enter the nav info for Kai Tak, but there has to be a better way. What should be my next step to get ANC to show up in the FMC? Thanks very much... Alex Viechec I must say, the PMDG products are absolutely amazing, and I don't think I can ever go back to 'light' aircraft models. I am fully hooked.
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