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  1. So as there were no answer subject could be close. In the end I can say that I went to manuals, I did go through conversion and I change flight dynamics and make new texture with satisfying reflection and night window lighting. All works, Unfortunately I cannot share it because I have no right of original FS9 model :(
  2. Dear friends, I would like to convert model of Falcon 900 (RFAI for AI traffic in FS9) to let it work in P3D4. I have used to have it as AI and flyable aircraft it in FS9 and it worked well even with Falcon 50 2D panel which is currently available for FSX/P3D (https://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/51/813). Falcon 900 looks nice and it would be great to have it in P3D as AI traffic or even as flyable aircraft. I can handle all work to develop flight dynamics as I am familiar with *.air files and I am familiar with aerodynamics and dynamics of flight. Unfortunately I have no experience with models - I know that ModelConverterX (http://www.calclassic.com/convert_tutorial/part1.html) could do the job, but I haven't got SDK and have some errors at first step of import. I saw people convert FS9 model to FSX within one or two evenings, in my case I need to jump over the wall just to hit next wall, and it takes much time... RFAI Falcon 900 screens: I can provide source files via private to respect copyrights. I will appreciate support. Could someone help ? Best Regards, Mat
  3. Hi @edetroit I recongize you from Project Tupolev forum (We both post screen there, my nickname was 'tomcat') and also because of your your youtube channel. Best Regards Mat
  4. Hi cmpbellsjc, Thanks for info. I will respect number of 20 :)
  5. Hi there, I come back to flying on Tu-154M in FS2004. Here some screens of that 15 years old simulator: fsscr075 fsscr088 fsscr066 fsscr093 fsscr059 Best Regards Mat
  6. No problem bernd1151, I can recommend IL2 or DCS, you might like to use guns of such beauties as real as it gets, it is a bit different fun. Best Regards
  7. I like such oldschool. Have you tried some of IL2 simulator series ?
  8. Really cool pictures. As real as it gets !
  9. Some more screenshots with unique textures. Cheers!
  10. Thanks for kind response. I am uploading some stuff from FS2004 Project Tupolev Tu-154M with VITAMIN model: Best Regards!
  11. Dear all, I am an enthusiast since FS9 were popular and I am still using FS9 and P3Dv4. I would like to share some pictures below. Cheers !
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