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  1. Understood, thank you very much Cheers Reynaldo Duarte
  2. Dear Sirs, I install the latest update but although it indicated that the install was complete. It did not create the initial page (where you place the order number) as well as the shortcut. What am I to do. I alredy tried to unistall it completely but it also did not worked. Regards Reynaldo Duarte
  3. reyduart

    Linking Google Maps to P3d v4.

    Dear Richard, Did you succeded on hetting this GE View to work with P3D v4.2? Regards Reynaldo
  4. reyduart

    Run out of memory

    Pals I finally got this problem solved. The cause was un GTX1080 driver update. When I rolled it back everything went to normallity. Thanks a ot for your help due to it I did a lot of correction and updated also to P3D v4.2 See you in the clouds
  5. reyduart

    Run out of memory

    I am trying to load Realight with 1024 K and its the same, I am using a GTX 1080 with 8gz VRAM
  6. reyduart

    Run out of memory

    Thanks all commanders for your kind help I update to P3D v4.2 and start with a standard P3D aircraft with no success It only happens with this aircraft all the others (PMDG/A2A/Dash) are OK. Very strange, what to do?
  7. reyduart

    Run out of memory

    Anothe point the FPS continues above 50 fps,
  8. reyduart

    Run out of memory

    Dear Pals I installed FlyMaddog 64 version on my WIn10 with i7 and 16 gb RAM, using P3d v4.1 but when I load it (normally cold and dark) as soon as I start following the procedures I receive a windows message: you run out of memory and this application will close. What am I to do? Thanks in advance Reynaldo
  9. reyduart

    CTD on Prepar3d v4

    Since my first post I am trying to figure out what is going on to have this crash. After many unistalls and tries I discover that the crash does not happen when I do not use the FMC/FMS. If I use only the G530 the plane works correctly. Anybody could add something to my investigations? Regards Reynaldo Duarte
  10. reyduart

    Maximum activation error

    Sorry It seems you send to the same forum where I wrote my message Is that so?
  11. reyduart

    Maximum activation error

    Dear Sirs I tried to install the brand new update of my PNDG 737 600-900 and I am receiving denia alleging O reach the maximum activation number. O actually changed my PC, after ot a new SSD. Who should I ask for make ot possible/available to activate? Reynaldo Duarte
  12. reyduart

    CTD on Prepar3d v4

    I've just bought
  13. Dear Sirs I've just the latest release of the B1900D compatible with P3d v4. I am having issues with it mainly when I start with the READY FOR TAXI. As soon as I start rolling the simulator crashes. Could anybody please help me to solve this issue? Best regards Reynaldo Duarte
  14. I am using the latest version of Active Sky 2016 for P3Dv4 it is generating weather (clouds, rain, etc) but I do not know why the weather radar of my PMDG 777-200 (latest version just uploaded) is not showing up. I running on Win10 platform. Could someone give some clue how to deal with this issue? Regards Reynaldo
  15. Dear commanders, I 'd like to place the overhead panel of the PMDG747 v3 on a second monitor. I am running Win10 with Radeon200 graphic card. Prepar3d v4 with 2 monitors and 1 Ipad. I can use it as extended or a separate monitor (my choice if possible) Could someone give some hints how to handle it? Regards, Reynaldo Duarte