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  1. Thank You !!! That was "just" this ! And the coïncidence between the end of FSUIPC Beta free use and the MSFS update puted me in false. I thought LINDA could work with the free version of FSUIPC, in fact not, and I had forgotten that I've soon paid the FSUIPC 6 full version. Thanks to that, the Full FSUIPC7 version was only 17€ on SimMarket. Perfect ! Thank you one more time. The Post can be close.
  2. Hello, Sorry for the delay and your answer. I didn't have undestand tour post from last sunday (I'm French and not so good in English I believe 😩). So I've check DISabled for radio and ENAbled for Switch : No change... Radio works perfectly but nothing for the Switch... However, Linda recognizes well the Switch because when I go in Switch panels (The Button under "MSFS Default Sync to Sim") and chose the Switch in the logo bottom of the Linda Window, and that I use the switch buttons on Switch panel, Linda shows in black the activate button)... It is a problem of communication betwwen Linda ans MSFS ans I repeat that it began with MSFS Update end of octobre (no pb before this update). I really don't see ! Hope you'll have another idea... Thanks.
  3. Thanks for reply. I didn't know the "Setup Joystick" page and i had never use it. After reading your reply, I've found it and it was like this : So, according with your reply, I've isabled both radio and switch and now, it's like this. I clicked on "Save" and run MSFS. No change.... Radio perfectly works, but nothing for the switch ! I despair 😭
  4. Hello, Thanks for the reply. I didn't change anything in my settngs. It xorked perfectly in 4.0.x with MSFS before MSFS update 10 end of october. And then, nothing. And the radio works perfectly, it is juste the switch. I send you my screens when Linda working. I really don't understand, all seems good, but the switch really doesn't works ! Thanks for your ideas. Good day.
  5. Hello, Since the update to MSFS 1.10 end of octobre or begin of november (I don't remeber exactely the date), the Saitek Switch Panel doesn't works anymore ! I didn't change anything in my settings, just did the MSFS updtae. The saitek radio works always perfect, just the switch panel. An idea of the problem ? Thank you.
  6. Hello, I use Linda for long time and had all configured in 2015. It worked perfectly with FSX and P3D V3 ou V4. I've chanded my PC recently and bought MSFS 2020. So, I reinstall actually all my addon's, and LINDA. I've downloaded free FSUPIC 7. No problem to configure my Saitek Switch Panel, it work's perfectly. In the other hand, I don't remember how to configure the Saitek radio Panel ! Is there a specific topic for this (I didn't find by searching) or a already done file to download ? Thank's for your answer and sorry for my english, I'm french.
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