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  1. I am recently back to FSX after a long absence, and many of my add-ons are old and/or incompatible (e.g., they were for FS2002/2004) so with two or three exceptions, I will be starting to rebuild my scenery library. I'm confused by the many options available (VFR Real, GenX, Orbx etc etc), as well as interested to learn what people would recommend in scenery areas around the world. These are my initial priorities to buy though; United Kingdom - Shetland and Orkney (Scotland North) - which would be the best VFR photo realistic scenery for low, visual flight over these areas? Alderney and Isles of Scilly (Earth Simulations - they went out of business, their DVDs appear for sale from time to time, but can they be successfully installed without the Earth Simulations online installer, if so, how please?) Netherlands - I have VFR Netherlands but it was for FS2002/2004. I can't find a way to install it as it looks for the old programmes. Any work around please? And how does this compare with NL2000? Or do they work together? There is also a Mega Scenery Netherlands, how does it compare with NL2000 please? Norway Thanks!
  2. Thanks. That's a bit outside my budget for now. And yes I would only be flying vfr, and "low and slow" to enjoy the views 🙂 Is there a graphics card for 200 euro or under that would give me an improved experience over my current set up with a GTX670 or would it not be worth it? Alternatively are there safe sites for purchasing second hand cards? I'm probably a year or two away from buying a new PC at which point I expect it will need to be a powerful one with scenery like TE entering the market, and some time this year FS2020?
  3. Thanks, not everyone has had such a seamless experience though. It may depend on each individual set up? I installed Windows 10 and so far everything works, except Youtube where the video is frozen and there is no sound! I will install FSX later. MS Train Simular did not install for me on Windows 10, it freezes about 70% of the way in.
  4. Thank you for the reply. My equipment is as follows, in case you are able to comment on whether it will be good enough to run P3Dv4.5; CPU: Intel Core i7 3770K @3.5Ghz Motherboard: ASUSTEK P8Z77-VLX Ram: 16GB SSD/HDD: Western Digital 1TB SSD, (Toshiba 2TB HDD) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX670 PSU: XFX PRO850W
  5. is that for two operating systems on the same drive, or also what you see if you install an O/S on each of the two drives?
  6. The new Orbx True Earth Scenery of the Netherlands looks gorgeous. I learnt to fly in the Netherlands so would really love to have this scenery to "fly over" that beautiful country again. The problem is that it is only out on Prepar3D, not FSX (and its not clear if it will ever come out for FSX?). So my question is it worth getting Prepar3D just so I can use this? Or is the freeware NL2000 (which does work on FSX) just as good, or good enough on the detail? What are the advantages of Prepar3D over FSX please? And if scenery is compatible between Prepar3D and FSX why won't this particular scenery work on the latter? That puzzles me.
  7. Thanks all for the really helpful and reassuring comments. I will keep Windows 10 on my SSD and install FSX, and see how it goes. I do have some other old games like MS Train Simulator and VSTEP Ship Simulator that I cannot get running on 10 (and don't need the speed of the SSD). So I'm considering installing Windows 7 on my secondary drive for those games, and for storage. Does anyone have experience on setting up Windows 10 on the first drive and Windows 7 on the second drive please? How do you switch between drives or choose a drive on boot up - is there a way without having to go into the BIOS to change the boot order?
  8. Thanks. That's encouraging. I found a lot of adverse comments and reviews on the internet, with people having a lot of difficulty running FSX from Windows 10. I'd prefer to be flying than having to tweak drivers and so on. Did everything work for you or did you have to change settings, tweak drivers etc to get it working?
  9. I was happily using Windows 7 till support stopped. I'm now wondering whether to upgrade to Windows 10 (to have safe access to the internet), or stay with Windows 7 to run FSX etc, and dual boot with Linux for net access. I've read several accounts of how difficult it is to get FSX running seamlessly on Windows 10. Has the situation now improved? Is it possible to run FSX on Windows 10 without frequently having to fix and tweak things? I have a new 1TB SSD which I want to dedicate to FSX (and MS Train Simulator). And a separate 2TB HDD for storing data (and on which I might install Win 10 or Linux for internet access).. Grateful for tips please on whether to set up FSX with Win 10, if not which would be the best approach in order to meet my key requirements of a) running FSX without hassle, and b) having safe access to the internet. My equipment is: CPU: Intel Core i7 3770K @3.5Ghz Motherboard: ASUSTEK P8Z77-VLX Ram: 16GB SSD/HDD: Western Digital 1TB SSD, (Toshiba 2TB HDD) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX670 PSU: XFX PRO850W Thank you!
  10. Thanks, good to know. Would be interested to hear from anyone that has either of the payware add-ons for the Netherlands for their opinions also.
  11. There is the NL2000 version 4 (freeware) which I already have and is very good. But there are also payware add-ons like VFR Netherlands and Megasceneryearth Netherlands. Which of these is best please (for VFR flying around the Netherlands)? Is there anything else out there too?
  12. Tom, a very big thank you for taking the trouble to reply and giving me fresh hope after I thought it was all over for me with Avsim and big scenery downloads. I experimented with the settings as suggested and have now successfully downloaded a couple of the big files I have wanted for a long time. I owe you one!
  13. Thanks for the clarification, although its very disappointing. It means that I can never get large files (anything over say 30mb on a very good day) because of the poor internet service where I live. There are only two companies providing internet, and both offer fairly slow speeds and not the best reliability. As an example, to download the scenery files for NL2000 I had to use NL2000's own site which does allow download managers. It took an average six hours per scenery area to download (of around 5gb each) with multiple stops and starts (resumes) taken care of automatically. I would never have been able to download them from the Avsim library. I'm sure this affects lots of other people too. Would it be possible to allow download managers to work with your system? I've tried finding files that I want (Malta, Cyclades, Italy) from sites where I can download directly but everything seems to link back to Avsim. Your library is excellent by the way, but it is very frustrating that I - and I would guess lots of other people - are effectively denied using it because download managers are not allowed.
  14. I can't download big files in the normal way probably because internet speeds are low where I live, so I use Free Download Manager which works really well and does the necessary resuming, often several times as the download progresses. Unfortunately it just won't work with Avsim files, it starts, then terminates with an error message about incorrect password. FDM doesn't ask for passwords and I'm already logged into the Avsim library to get a download. so why won't Avsim work with my download manager? It means I just cannot download the big scenery files that I want.
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