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  1. I have P3dV4 and Honeycomb yoke. The rudder trim on my Alabeo M20r Ovation is not working. I use the mouse to activate the trim switch and nothing happens. I set up a trim switch on my Honeycomb and nothing happens, the indicator does not change. I can manage a take off most of the time but it is really squirrely. I usually go down the runway in a S pattern. Rod
  2. Does P3d v4.5 log into the internet automaticly? My internet provider has instigated a data limit, so I have to watch my usage.
  3. Eduard, Sorry, I can't help with the Phenom 100. I'm still learning how to fly single engine prop planes. Maybe some day, I will try twins or jets. Good luck, I hope you get it straightened out. Rod
  4. I finally got my SVS working but the mountains in the PDF seem a lot further away than they actually are. I haven't tried night flying through the mountains yet, but I think it would lead to disaster real quick.
  5. Eduard, If you are talking about the SVS on the C172SP, go to sim objects/ airplanes, scroll down to the C172SP g1000, click on that and you should see SVS application and uninstall SVS. When you click on them it looks like they are doing the same thing but the uninstall actually works.
  6. Scimitir, I was having the same problem, I had four planes working great on the SVS system. When I installed the C172sp a no lic message on those four planes and SVS would not work. I tried your suggestion and they all now work. Only one problem, I don't have SVS on my C172SP now. Carenado just can't seem to get it right. Rod
  7. johncott, I was just flying around Las Cruces NM. sightseeing and decided to go to Deming. I got the altitude I wanted pointed the aircraft west, pressed the altitude hold, the heading hold and the autopilot. I thought it would be simple. there are few directions available. Thanks for your reply, looks like I will have to do more studying. Rod
  8. I have the Alabeo M20 Ovation for P3d V4 and can't get the autopilot to work. I get to the altitude and the heading that I want then press the altitude hold button, the Heading hold button then the AP button. The airplane then goes into a right hand bank instead of staying on heading. I do not know what I am doing wrong. Rod
  9. Does anyone know the footprint dimensions of the honeycomb throttle? Also, how it will mount?
  10. Try the My Pilot store. They are in Scottsdale, AZ. I just purchased my Honeycomb Alpha for $249.00. I haven't used it long enough to give a review, but it is a lot smoother than my CH. I fly mostly single Eng. GA. When the Bravo throttle comes out I will probably try twin Eng.
  11. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I will probably check out Little Nav Map and Navigraph. I kinda like the price on LNM. Rod
  12. I am looking for a flight planner map and an in flight map to replace the very small map on P3d v4.4. Hopefully not to complicated, I'm very new at this. It is very time consuming clicking the edge of the map over and over to get where your going.
  13. I am using P3d V4.4 and I have my megascenery files at the top of my scenery list and it seems to work great. Also, since megascenery files take a lot of space, I purchased a USB 3.1 Sandisk external SSD just for megascenery files and it is working great and leaves a lot of room on my C drive. I installed direct, so no information on DVD.
  14. I don't have any answers, But I do have another question. I wear glasses with progressive lenses and when you get very far off center they get blurry. Does anyone have experience with this?
  15. Hi all, I'm getting started again after a long absence. I am a pilot wanabe but at 78 years old it's not likely. So I will take the next best thing. I fly G.A aircraft out of mostly small to medium airports. Right now my favorite plane is the Alabeo M20R ovation. I am using MegasceneryEarth, and have New Mexico, Ariz. and north and south Calif.. My home base is Las cruces NM and I have flown over parts of NM in small planes, as a passenger. I also used to live in Yuma, Ariz. and flew out of there, going to Phoenix and San Diego. I am impressed at how realistic the scenery is. Now all I have to do is learn to fly, use the radio and use the GNS 530. I have a long way to go. Unfortunately I don't have the time to fly as often as I would like.
  16. Has anyone actually got their hands on a working model of the Honeycomb Yoke or Throttle? It looks like it would be a great Yoke and I am sure there are a lot of people waiting for it. But it is starting to look like just air ware.
  17. abarter, Thanks for the reply. I really like MSE but it sure takes a lot of room. So far I have New Mexico, Arizona and California. I am new at this and fly GA aircraft mostly from small airports. Rod
  18. I am running Megasceneryearth with P3d V4 and MSE has it's own folder on C:/ drive. I am planning on purchasing a 1TB SSD external drive to put my MSE and other non P3d files on. Can I just move the MSE files to the new drive, or do I have to reinstall them?
  19. I just purchased the M20R for P3D V4 and all the planes were installed with a regular version and a lite version. Does anybody know what the difference between the two versions is?
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