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  1. I am reading that the max speed on the PA46-500TP Meridian is 260 KIAS. But the documentation from Carenado says 188 KIAS. That is slower than the Mirage 350, which does not make sense. When I try to go over 188 KIAS, I get the engine overspeed warning. What am I doing Wrong? Rod
  2. I am trying to program the Bravo throttle using the standard P3d settings, so far not doing too bad. it would be a lot easier if I could find a simple picture of the throttle with the buttons numbered. The buttons are a bit of a challenge since P3d uses a single key press for two different functions, like CTRL + . to set and release parking brake and it will not let me program switch 32 and 34 for the same function. Rod
  3. Rod

    Remove SVS

    I found a uninstall SVS exe file hidden in P3d. V4, Ran it, problem solved. SVS does not load. Thanks all for the suggestions Rod
  4. Rod

    Remove SVS

    I have the 172 taken care of, it had a exe file to remove it. But when I load the C182 or any of the other G1000 planes, SVS loads but will not work, I don't actually get SVS on the PDF, and of course the ter err. I want to eliminate SVS, but cant find a removal file. Rod
  5. Please bear with me. I have been away for a time due to medical reasons and I am taking care of a sick wife. I have little time to fly. I have searched for ways to get Carenado SVS to work and came up with over a hundred answers, non of which worked. I have P3d v4. I solved the 172 problem by uninstalling it's SVS. I would like to uninstall SVS and use the G1000 with out but I can't find out how. I would like to use the little time I have flying, not messing. Thank you for your indulgence. Rod
  6. Thanks for the information. I have never used FSUIPC and I don't think I am ready for any new complicated software. I hope the Honeycomb software will help program the lights on the Alpha also. Rod
  7. New bravo on it's way. Will I need any add on software for it to work with P3d v4? I only fly GA aircraft, right now single engine, going to try twin. I'm old and slow. Rod
  8. I purchased the Alpha yoke from my pilot store after waiting almost two years of it's coming next month. Now the only way I can find the bravo throttle is in a set with the yoke, what a rip off. Honeycomb did make a good product, but I have never seen so much hype, promises and excuses from a company. I am 80 years old!!! I don't have that much more time to wait. Rod
  9. I have P3dV4 and Honeycomb yoke. The rudder trim on my Alabeo M20r Ovation is not working. I use the mouse to activate the trim switch and nothing happens. I set up a trim switch on my Honeycomb and nothing happens, the indicator does not change. I can manage a take off most of the time but it is really squirrely. I usually go down the runway in a S pattern. Rod
  10. Does P3d v4.5 log into the internet automaticly? My internet provider has instigated a data limit, so I have to watch my usage.
  11. Eduard, Sorry, I can't help with the Phenom 100. I'm still learning how to fly single engine prop planes. Maybe some day, I will try twins or jets. Good luck, I hope you get it straightened out. Rod
  12. I finally got my SVS working but the mountains in the PDF seem a lot further away than they actually are. I haven't tried night flying through the mountains yet, but I think it would lead to disaster real quick.
  13. Eduard, If you are talking about the SVS on the C172SP, go to sim objects/ airplanes, scroll down to the C172SP g1000, click on that and you should see SVS application and uninstall SVS. When you click on them it looks like they are doing the same thing but the uninstall actually works.
  14. Scimitir, I was having the same problem, I had four planes working great on the SVS system. When I installed the C172sp a no lic message on those four planes and SVS would not work. I tried your suggestion and they all now work. Only one problem, I don't have SVS on my C172SP now. Carenado just can't seem to get it right. Rod
  15. johncott, I was just flying around Las Cruces NM. sightseeing and decided to go to Deming. I got the altitude I wanted pointed the aircraft west, pressed the altitude hold, the heading hold and the autopilot. I thought it would be simple. there are few directions available. Thanks for your reply, looks like I will have to do more studying. Rod
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