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  1. Hi, Many thanks for your reply. I have looked at this site but it looks rather dated. What I really need is a list of file/folders and where they should be located - client or server. I have tried to follow the advice on utube by Frooglesim and Dano but without success. All this started when I upgraded my SSD from 256GB to 512GB. The shop that did this had problems and had to reload Windows 7 Professional with the result was that I lost all my FSX files etc. No matter, I thought, this would be an excellent time to switch to P3DV4 and Active Sky running on different computers. After spending a lot of money on the new software and upgrading programs such a PMDG 737ng, I still do not have a fully operational sim using real wx. I would appreciate any help anyone can provide. Best wishes for the New Year. BJT
  2. Hi, Following a reconfiguration of my system - an upgrade of SSD - FSX would not work and required reloading. I decided to move on and purchase P3Dv4 which I now have running; however, I was dismayed that I had to repurchase PMDG 737NGX. Thankfully, all my UK scenery could be upgraded without further additional costs - thank you Gary! Since I always fly with real weather, I wanted the same for P3Dv4 and so purchased Active Sky 2017. I have tried to link the 2 programs - I want to run Active Sky from a networked computer - but without any success. I would be really grateful if a fellow flight-simmer could provide a step-by-step guide as to how I should get the 2 programs to operate together. My primary (flight simulator) computer operates on Windows 7 and my supporting computer operates Windows 10 - computers are linked on a home network. Both computers have high end specifications. Grateful for your help. Regards, BJT
  3. barrytitchen

    PMDG 737-800 Reload

    Hi, thanks for this but I originally purchased PMDG through Aerosoft I have no record of the online activation. Regards, BJT
  4. barrytitchen

    PMDG 737-800 Reload

    HI, Following a change of SSD I have had to reload all my flight simulator programs - not the easiest of tasks!! All is going reasonably well; however, when I try to reload my PMDG 737 I keep being asked for the activation code. Any ideas how to get this? Thanks, BJT
  5. barrytitchen

    FSX - Program goes in to reverse

    Well, I'm glad I'm not alone in having this problem. Reflecting on the two instances I have seen, I think it could be a scenery problem rather than the aircraft. In both cases the aircraft has been at London (Heathrow) using LHR Extreme by Gary Summers. Thanks for the replies so far. Regards, BJT
  6. Hi, I have had two instances now when flying PMG737-800 when, on the ground, the aircraft starts going backwards. The first time it happened when I was taxying out for take-off. The second has just happened after landing at Heathrow. It does not appear to be an aircraft fault since I shut everything down, applied the brakes and still I went backwards. Any ideas out there, Regards, BJT