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  1. did you solve the proatc x issue
  2. hello i have the same problem how can i fix it
  3. yes i agree ai flight planner is awesome. I will stick to it for now
  4. Thank you it installed , I will be testing it in a few minutes
  5. Makes sense I also dont need all of them. I have been following your tutorial and I just want to understand does the one click installer work for fsx or not. Can I use the AI manager to download flight plans? I have tried all afternoon to check for available flight plans online but I am getting nothing I am not sure if its a bug or a slow internet connection on my end as all my pages i open online are working just fine. I just cant seem to access online flight plans at the moment could you please help me with this ?
  6. Hello can I please ge thelp installing radar contact 4, the key generation part what are you supposed to do with the key generator mine doesnt seem to work or i am not using it properly. I downloaded the free version from this website
  7. thanks again, and ai companion has really improved my flying experience.
  8. also what atc addon do you use , can you please recommend one for me . The default one is annoying especially flying ifr
  9. Hello could you please share a link for Ai smooth?
  10. hello @DutchPilot007 i am facing the same problem with opus its unable to connect to the grib server. how did you solve it
  11. @brucets where I download ai companion from?
  12. Thank you both for your quick responses @brucetsand @airerniewill check out ai companion and fsuipc
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