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  1. Hi guys. I was performing a go around after 2hrs flight with the pmdg 737 ngx and then it stopped working. I've had the same issue in FSX several times with the same aircraft but with different hardware(I have built completely new PC). Any solutions? Many thanks.
  2. kiko7x7

    P3D freezes after Go Around with PMDG 737

    No, it's not in the same place. Anyway thanks for your reply 🙂 I'll try contact PMDG.
  3. kiko7x7

    NGX groundroll sound

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for good groundroll and touchdown sounds for the ngx. I found some good looking sounds made by Mark Inwood, Steve Inwood and Akila but download links in their topics are not working. Anyone know where to download it? Many thanks :) btw sorry for my english if it's so bad 😁
  4. kiko7x7

    737NGX gauges blackout

    Hi everyone. First I have to say sorry for my bad english. When I fly on pmdg 737ngx, all displays go black. They are black like when battery is off and I can't fix it by switching battery off and on or anything like this. Autopilot continues flight on VNAV and LNAV, following the route and VNAV path normally, but all 6 displays are black. Only FMCs and secondary pfd are okay. Sometimes it happens to me on pmdg 777. I have pmdg 737ngx and 777 both SP1D and FSX acceleration. Any solution? Many thanks