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  1. What triggers the cabin ready message on FMC before takeoff ? I have nit changed my way of preparing the 777 but I do not get the cabin ready message anymore and so, don't understand why.
  2. Stupid of me, did not notice I was in custom mode and not live Guess everything should be ok now Thanks for your answer
  3. I have noticed several times that on Skyvector, there was Sigmets and that when I go for a flight, these Sigmets are not on AS16. What is the problem ?
  4. Ooops, That's out of my capabilities actually. I will check how to in VA user guide because I'm now reading about SimConnect and it does not seem to be easy. Thank's for your answer
  5. I'm actually trying to build a Voice Attack profile. I would like some commands to initiate after passing P3D events. I think the easiest way would be to send (automatically from P3D )a Key stroke on the event. For example, when I pass above 10'000ft, I want to initiate a command in Voice Attack asking me to switch lights off. Is there a way to get these informations from P3D and how ? Airborne Passing above transition altitude Passing above 10'000ft Passing below 10'000ft Passing below TA Are there other events that we can get out of P3D to use in other programs such as VA ?
  6. I think that I'm missunderstood. When you have bad weather at departure airport, you plan an alternate one in case of Engine Failure after V1. If the weather conditions are ok, in case of engine failure after V1, you take off, but instead of following your initial Flight Plan, you return to your departure airport. So, in these 2 cases, you should prepare you alternative flight plan in case of Engine failure after V1. In my previous post, that was the LSGG23, back to LSGG23 plan. And my question is, where do you enter that alternative flight plan ? In Rte 2 or is there another way of doing it ? (In Airbus A320, you do this in the SEC FPL normally if I'm right). Secand case was the fact of having the possibility to land on 27R or 27L and to enter that so you can quickly switch from the initial one you planed (27R) to the assigned one if different (27L) ? (In Airbus A320, you do this in the SEC FPL normally if I'm right). Finally case was the arrival alternate flight plan (that one should be EGLL to EGKK for example) ? where to enter it ? In Rte 2 or somewhere else ? (In Airbus A320, you can do this at the bottom of the flight plan).
  7. Hello, I would like to know how the flight plans should be set in FMC. Rte 1 = Flight plan from departure to arrival (example LSGG23 to EGLL 27R) Rte 2 = First, Flight Plan from departure, back to departure or alternate departure in case of EO (example LSGG23 to LSGG23) ? Enroute, Rte 2 = Alternative arrival possibility (LSGG23 to EGLL27L) in case of ATC assigning 27L instead of 27R ? Where do you preset the arrival Alternate route (example EGLL to EGKK) ? Do you update and enter Alternates Enroute plans and how/where ? Thanks in advance for your answers Nicholas Brigden
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