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  1. Hard luck Bryan, and giving hand signals will be difficult also.😉 Take care and I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. Best regards, JWS
  2. Hi, I'm new to UGCX and just starting to explore the program (using FSX). Just a few things I noticed. 1. While the ground staff is talking, one can hear a background noise/tone. This sound should play contineously (I guess), but since the spoken line is made from seperate words, the background noise is interrupted every time a new word is used. This diminishes the realism. Don't know if it's technically possible to put the sound as a separate (ongoing) layer underneath the spoken words. 2. I changed the logo's on the tow trucks and Follow Me cars. Nice touch. But it's all or nothing. So the logo in e.g. Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM) is the same as in New York (KJFK). Or have I overlooked the possibility of regional/airport settings? Best regards.
  3. Saw him at Oshkosh EA Airventure 1994 giving a lecture/interview. Men like him and Bob Hoover, so 'down to earth'. Impressive. RIP General.
  4. Thank you Les. I will check the Garmin site for the desktop 750 trainer. Regards, JWS
  5. I find this interesting software, but wonder if it is useful when flying mainly in European airspace. Does it cover European airports, charts, navaids and terrain as detailed as the e.g. the US? Regards, JWS
  6. These are troublesome times, for pilots as well. Being grounded you still need to pay the bills. Some have found a way to put their knowledge to the use of flight-simmers. Petter Hörnfeldt - aka Mentour Pilot - has a few real life pilots that can be "rented" to give you advice on all sort of things. See here: https://www.Mentourpilot.com/store/ There are 737 and airbus drivers. Might be of interest to someone. Best regards, Jan W.
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