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  1. Hi! From sometime ago, everytime I launch a flight in FSX, all my aircraft is initializing with all systems turned off (Master, radios, engine etc.) and no fuel. How do I setup it to initialize with the engine running and master power and radios turned on as default?
  2. Hi! My current system is an HP Pavillion HP 150f (i7-860, GT230, 8gb ddr3 133mhz, Iona mobo, Sandisk 240gb SSD) from circa 2009 that is showing signs of age for FSX with a bunch of addons, but surprisingly I can hold 20fps on cruise with any Carenado plane and 12 to 15fps on approach on a Flytampa KTPA Tampa airport with the sliders in middle to high. As I´m in a budget, I´ll be doing the system upgrade in steps and just bought an used EVGA GTX 970 4gb that I´ll try to run on my system for a while as I think the bottleneck on my current system is just the GT230 GPU. Next step is the CPU, and I´m considering an i5-3570k, then I´ll also need another mobo since is 1155 socket. Any advice on a good budget CPU that allows an overclock on the i5-3570k? I´m looking for at least 50 to 70% increase on my FPS.
  3. Is there any way to adjust the "overspeed" msg? I´ve got the boring message at only 285kts and this airplane have a cruising speed much more then this, around 371 kts in the newer versions
  4. Hi! regarding the flight plans, is there anyway to convert the FSX .pln plans for export to the RXP GNS 530 as it´s much easier to create them on FSX?
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