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  1. http://www.virtualavionics.com.br They have ios/android versions of various Boeing and Airbus aircrafts. I've used them for both PMDG CDU and Aerosoft Airbus FMGC interface without issues. For the Q400 I'm not sure what to do actually.. Don't remember if they've built the fmc as a pop-up screen - could just drag it to an external monitor if it was... Good luck on your project!
  2. Heathrow with everything on max in the T7 achieving above 25 fps is absolutely great in my book. I run a 970 also, but on a 2500k@4.3 - so weaker than yours, and I'd say I would have around 17-18 in EGLL in the NGX, but with more sensible settings,but smooth however, and thats the game here - smooth ops... Go fly and be happy!
  3. Very exciting news... This will be a welcome first-purchase addon for X11. But a question: Say you buy the product now for X11, will there be a discount to buy for p3d later on?
  4. Hi Yuri! Great - I haven't touched PTA since the p3d upgrade. So I can install PTA 2.0 and then make a safe backup - thank for you for speedy support! Martin
  5. Hi Knossos! First off - thank you for a great tool!! I was on PTA 1.6 and yesterday I upgraded to P3d V3.4 hotfix 2. Which steps do I have to take, to make sure I'm on stock P3d shaders and all? I've looked through the help section on your webpage, but I was not able to find the answer I think.. Thank you for your help!! Martin
  6. Thank you for being solid, honest and always delivering products of the highest standard!
  7. Oh my lord... Xplane will be reinstalled now! Any word on updatable navdata for the FMS?
  8. All valid and good points Scott - I was not aware of the possibility to update the navdata. That's a huge game changer in my book, and it changes my view on this product. Thank you enlightening me;)
  9. Imo they are setting them self up for failure if not providing updatable navdata... What's their edge on F1s product or even the default xp unit, if they rely on old navdata...? Rather disappointing if you ask me. But basically I love the competition and I welcome the effort. Good luck to them!
  10. Hi Yuri! I can't seem to find these settings? I'm running v.1.3...? Thank you for a great tool!
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