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  1. Please except my apology. After testing the New York mission I found some items that I needed to add. I added them but forgot to transfer them to my upload folder. Thankfully someone sent me an email to let me know that the he did not get a reward at the end of the mission. These items have just been uploaded. Please let me know of any problems with these missions. Thank You Dave
  2. dcrandall

    Saving IMM missions

    I am sorry if my missions are not running correctly. I double checked them before I uploaded them. I uninstalled and reinstalled the mission and ran them with no problems. All files should be in their proper place. Open your add-on scenery folder and check your scenery and texture folders. The new files should be in there. Examples: In scenery folder look for files labeled DC In the texture folder for files labeled DC There are many other files but if you see any DC files then all the files should be in there. No you can not save the mission. I also can not save them on my computer. I was thinking of making the mission shorter inside a shorter distance and try to keep the missions under 30 minutes. Dave
  3. dcrandall

    FSX Simcopter v1.0

    I just uploaded Panola Mississippi Mission
  4. I will be releasing a NEW FSX Simcopter. This version is a complete re-do of Sim Westerly. New 3d object by me have been added along with many object by other 3d modelers that I have downloaded from avsim. The missions are now easier to install with a self installing .exe. and easier to complete. You will only fail if you jut can not finish it because you just ran out of time to play it or you crash your helicopter. THERE ARE NO CODES to unlock the zip file. You do not need to finish a city to play another city. Look for the video at youtube which I will upload in the next two days. The mission will be uploaded here at avsim after I have completed testing the mission (Groton Connecticut) and removing it from my flight simulator and using the installer and testing it again to make sure nothing is missing. I will also be uploading Pontotoc, Mississippi, a reqeust that was sent to me some time ago. Sorry for the long delay as I was working hard on this re-make. Please post any questions, comments or requests here. Enjoy flying SimCopter again. David Crandall