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  1. Thanks! I found the problem, it was actually a button on my yoke, which was constantly sending, thus blocking. Regarding the ini file, I'm still a bit confused, I have to do some more checks/test. But I can fly with the MCE again which is good. Thanks for fast support! /Matts
  2. Hi MCE, i just reinstalled mce after a full clean up with clean W10, p3d etc. and I've usel MCE before without these problems. My FO voices are quiet, although it follows My command, like executing flows, checklist reading etc. Other voices work like the mech. Even in the MCE Window when I try voices all are silent Clive, Bill etc and same here mech and purser working fine when I 'test voices' I've reinstalled many times to try to cure the voice, installing with admin rights, UAC on/off, different folders but in the end same result. I'm also having problems changing options in mce, clicking one of the boxes, the boxes aren't deslected. I can change options in ini file and save the changes. All the apps mce wizards are run with admin rights. Would be greatful for any advice! Thanks! Matts
  3. Hi, The zip file above seems to be empty, when I try to open it. Would it be possible to try it out? /Matts
  4. Hi Bryan, Would it be able to add to the checklists? /Matts
  5. Hi Bryan, Thanks for your reply. In Europe anyway, it is quite normal that you get cleared above Transition level before climb checks, since transition levels are normally around FL 4.0 - 6.0 /Matts
  6. Hi Brian, Couldn't you update the checklist items on climb and approach to also have barometer setting? Would be very helpful and I am a bit surprised they are not already in there. Thanks! Matts
  7. I have the same problem, my OS is configured with ENG/US language and Swedish keyboard. /Matts
  8. Hi, One more question for you, could you check if the EPR command also work for you? Like SET EPR 1.9 or something. I haven't been able to get it right, FO sets wrong EPR values for me. Thanks! /Matts
  9. Thanks alot! Which command do you use to set Flaps? Flaps 1, 2, 5, 10 etc? I use the flaps degrees 1,2,5,10 etc. MCE doesn't react on 1 but from 2 and up it goes all the way.
  10. Hi again, It is actually reading the values right ............ if I set altitude set to 5000 and I ask F/O to set altitude 5000 it says ....... it is already done......... if it can be to any help ........ /Matts
  11. Hi, I have followed your advice, but SIM says on, ground all engines off, which is correct. UAC is set to off/low, so should be OK and P3d & FSX to run as administrator. Tried PMDG 737 and command works and gets correct values, but status quo on CS B737-200. Some things work, like setting a course on NAV 1/2, where MCE always get it right, but FLAPS, HDG, Altitude wont work. It works but not to the requested values. /Matts
  12. Hi Charlie, Thanks for your answer, and yes of course you are right. I didn't think of that myself, so great tip, I'll do my own flows! And yes Captain sim is the new favourite now, it's great to come back to some realy flying again ........ ;-) (got a bit bored with LNAV/VNAV & Autoland ........ he-he) /Matts
  13. Hi, Thanks for hints! All your suggestion should have been set to your proposed values already, but I will do a clean un & re-install to see if things clear! (Also P3D is run as administrator and no external application starting the sim) I am on P3Dv4. /Matts
  14. Hi, I've just got MCE for a few days and still trying to learn MCE features. I have some questions and it seems to be related to this panel Captain Sim B737-200. 1) When I ask the FO to set a heading for example "Set heading 2 2 0" I can see that MCE understand the command, because it is showing by text "Set heading 2 2 0" ............. but when it is executed it doesn't stop at 2 2 0, instead it turns for 1 or 2 rounds until it finally stops, but not at the value which was requested. 2) It is actually the same when I ask for "Altitude / FL" it goes all the way to 40000 ft or 0 ft keeps rotating although the gauge numbers stops there. 3) Same thing for flaps it is either fully up or down, even though I asked for lets say FLAPS 5 4) I think the checklist is slightly wrong for that plane (more likely to be a -300) , but I've understood I can customize it to my needs, so should be something which I could solve myself. 5) When asking for engine start, the FO rotate the starter - wait until N2 20% and then also engage fuel lever which normally should be done by the Capt. Is there a way to change the procedure not to engage the fuel lever to idle? (I did tests with PMDG B737 at the same position/airport with set heading, altitude/FL & Flaps, and everything worked, so it seems to be a panel related issue) Would appreciate some hints how to solve it! Thanks! /Matts
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