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  1. UnkaBobby

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Since the issue of what kinds of addon scenery-enhancemenets should be installed, in what order, grew out of my thread here, I thought I'd drop this in case someone in the future arrives here from a search. Its got quotes from scenery companies explaining some of the scenery terminology, and what the various kinds of addons actually are doing.
  2. UnkaBobby

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply! Personally my tastes vary, I appreciate the technical and detailed flying of the heavies at times, but also like to go lower and slower and feel as much as possible if I'm in a realistic depiction of that world from more up-close. Interesting point about addon sceneries for airports including a decent radius of scenery around them. I need to perfect a middle-ground between those styles of flying, which is why I'm reaching out for info and opinion now. Thanks for offering both! Robert
  3. UnkaBobby

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Good point! I'll have to test drive P3Dv4 for sure! Thanks! 🙂
  4. UnkaBobby

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Thank you! Yes, this was particularly helpful because despite a bunch of years of using and upgrading FSX, and skimming a lot of forums looking for better explanations for a lot of this, you're the first that emphasized the order of the scenery in the scenery library, prodding me to research this some more. I have long been confused about what *order* to install different addons, like addon meshes, landclasses, textures, and "sceneries". Manuals and product pages for all these kinds of addons never have any explanatory info about these kinds of things. So, having to reinstall FSX:SE, and so re-install all my addons, I'm taking this moment to gain some better understanding from you helpful folks. So if I have UTX2, photoreal sets for some areas, and OrbX and Aerosoft "sceneries" for a number of places around the world, I would now think I should install them: UTX first, then photoreal sceneries, then 3D sceneries (e.g. from OrbX and Aerosoft), and then make sure in the Addon Scenery menu that the 3D sceneries float higher in the list than the photoreal sceneries? Thanks so much for your time and expertise! Robert
  5. UnkaBobby

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Yes, the fact that photoreal is all at one point of time in the year is a big drawback to me, too. I live in a northern state, and the Megascenery Earth PR scenery for here was taken in the Spring. Most of the year it doesn't look like that at all, and I can't get any decent snow-cover showing, which makes it feel unnatural. I will look into Flight Sim jewels and Terraflora, thank you very much!
  6. UnkaBobby

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Thank you, good feedback! Makes a lot of sense. I guess this question demonstrates that I'm not completely clear about how terrain mesh, landclass scenery, and photoreal scenery, interact, including the several brands of them all. Since you were so kindly thorough, could I trouble you for your feedback about these two scenerios as an example for me to learn from? So I have MegaEarth's PR scenery for my state. Love it from altitude, lousy at low-level. I have also now purchased OrbX/FTX scenery for my home airport here. Should I leave the PR scenery installed and then also install the OrbX scenery for my home airport "over" it? Is there some conflict or disadvantage to having mixed sceneries for a single place installed? I don't really understand how FSX "parses" the various kinds of data it has from mesh-data and add-on scenery(ies) that are installed. Likewise, I wish to understand better how add-ons work together in FSX: I have UTX 2, Rex4 Texture Direct, MegasceneryEarth PR scenery for several states, and a number of Aerosoft and OrbX add-on sceneries like "Antarctica X", "Dangerous Airports", "Monument Valley," etc. Despire reading a lot, and being an FS enthusiast for many years, I still am not clear on what "order" those kinds of things should be installed, and which would be in conflict with (or would obviate) others. Will regional and airport sceneries, like from Aerosoft and OrbX, naturally "over-write" things like photoreal sceneries for the same area, or UTX or REX4? If there are any good tutorials or docs about all of this I'm very willing to put the reading time in, I just have never found any decent, clear texts explaining how all these things interact within the FSX ecosystem. Thanks for your time, a lot! --Bobby
  7. UnkaBobby

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Thank you for your time. I have toyed with the idea of trying other major Flightsims like P3D or Xplane, but just feel like I'm in too deep with FSX to start over... but I do appreciate the feedback! 🙂
  8. UnkaBobby

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Thank you for the feedback, Will! That makes a lot of sense, but it brings up a question that belies the fact that I don't really understand how FSX handles the various combinations of mesh-data, 3D scenery, and photoreal scenery. For example, if I have the MegaEarth PR scenery for my state installed, and then I buy the Orbx/FTX add-on scenery for a particular airport in my state, will the 3D add-on airport supercede, or be "painted over", the PR scenery I already have installed? Will it cause collisions of some kind? I've been actively flying in FSX for about 10 years, but have never put my mind to tweeking scenery to be as good as possible, but now that's what I want to spend some hobby-time on, understanding how terrain mesh, 3D scenery, add-on scenery, etc., all interact within the FSX universe inside this brainbox here. 🙂 --Bobby
  9. UnkaBobby

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Yes! I kind of love that about PR too! I've explored most every inch of my beloved home state here, and seeing all the accurate details gives me a little thrill after all these years! Sometimes I swear I can see my own minivan tooling along route 1 past the Bar Harbor airport when I'm on approach past those little mountains I've climbed so many times! 🙂
  10. I've been an FSX'er for many years, but have always been confused about the pros and cons of photoreal scenery, and more broadly, about what the most effective kinds, or brands, of scenery are. I have purchased a handful of add-on sceneries, airports, etc., and have the photoreal scenery for my home state. The photoreal scenery of my state seems so wonderfully realistic from the air, in terms of looking like I know things should look from knowing the place so well. But, of course, the lower to the ground the crappier things get, as its made from real satellite imagery. But I read people crapping on photoreal when I skim forums. And I see video of people showing off non-photoreal sceneries of places that look pretty fantastic. So I would love some opinions from FSX nerds about what kinds of scenery they prefer, even about what brands of scenery if pertinent, and whether Photoreal scenery is the best experience for any given level of hardware one might have. Thank you very nicely, --UB, Downeast Bush Pilot
  11. UnkaBobby

    Any Advantage To Dedicated FSX user account?

    Yes, that's the direction I was going, trying to separate the sim environment from any other aspect of a windows install, so I'm interested - but you didn't say whether you've reason to believe all of that is letting FSX run better? How does your setup compare to just having a normal install of FSX under Win? Everyone says that FSX relies on processor power more than anything else, so I can't decide if all this machination does any real good -- I have 16gig of RAM for example, but while running a separate, stripped-down install of Windows would free up some RAM overhead, it does nothing for the processor power, and I've read that FSX can only use 4gig of RAM anyway... so I can't find any informed opinion about whether either your approach, or mine (with a stripped down user account, nothing running but a firewall) is really giving FSX any more actual *horsepower*. What do you think?
  12. About to install FSX:SE after uninstalling beloved boxed edition. As part of trying to tweak performance out of my system, I have always installed FSX on its own SSD drive, with nothing else on it, and created a separate user account just for flying in FSX. The logic being all the overhead that installed programs add -- I only install non-FSX software under the non-FSX user account, and all FSX-related software under the FSX user account. Is there any advantage to doing this? Should I just install FSX:SE under the main Win7 Admin account I use? (My inexpensive SSD drive added just for FSX didn't seem to make any speed improvements either, did I waste my money on that)? Thanks for any thoughts! Tailgunner UB