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  1. Hi Ed, I noticed the message that used to appear on your purchase page regarding v3 compatibility has been removed. Is it now compatible with 3 and 3.1 now?
  2. Awesome service! Thank you, This fixed seems to work perfect. I tracked a vor, did some gps filying, and flew and ILS approach perfectly! Thank you!
  3. I am using panel builder with the a2a c172 addon. I also have the Mindstar GNS530 addon installed. The VOR1 instrument is only reading info from the nav radio regardles sof how the CDI on the GNS530 is switched. The VOR1 in the VC works and switches correctly. Is there a way to get the VOR1 gauge to correctly switch between the nav radio and the GPS?
  4. Thanks for the reply. Networked computers using a router with gigabit speed. Windows shows about 500kbps on the network so that should be good. The main computer is a very late model i7 just a few months old (not home now and forget which one) and the panel computer is a few years old but still a decent i7 model as well. Memory and CPU utilization on both computers are no where near maxed with the programs running.
  5. I am using the latest version 2.93 of panelbuilder and have the a2a c172 addon. Everything works, most instruments look good and smooth and seem to update fast but the RPM seems to lag behind a bit. I am using the correct A2A simplugins FSUIPC interface (as opposed to the standard simconnect one). It does read correct RPM's it just takes about a second to catch up (or maybe a little less than a second). It also seems to jump a bit sometimes instead of nice smooth movements. I have the same kind of jitter on the fuel flow gauge but I'm not as concerned about that as the RPM. Because of the lag in RPM it's difficult to hit a specific RPM up during a mag check for example. Other gauges work good and when using the simconnect interface for default p3d planes the rpm gauge seems to work good so it's specific to the a2a c172 Any thoughts?
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