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  1. I just tried another fx file also and it finally worked! I used one from the Caravan called fx_vclightcardose2. There are also fx_vclightcardose and fx_vclightcardose1 but the version with the 2 was the brightest. Thank you very much stans for all your help, it was most helpful 🙂
  2. Thanks stans, I tried what you posted but still not working. And I'm still waiting for more info from Carenado.
  3. Thanks for the replies! I contacted Carenado support and they suggested turning off HDR which I did, but it did not solve the issue. I am awaiting further suggestions from them now. As for that effect file, this is what I have in the aircraft cfg regarding it: [lights] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing light.0 = 10, 0.15, 0.00, 1.30, fx_vclightcarpnblue Edit: And I do have that file in the effects folder. I could post the contents of it here if that's allowed and would help? Does that look right?
  4. I am using P3D v4.3 and the blue dome light in the plane lights up when turned on but does not illumine the cabin at all. The other lights (instrument and overhead panel) work fine though. Has anyone had this issue and found a solution? Thank You!
  5. I haven't posted in this support forum before this issue so I'm not sure how support is supposed to work but since I haven't seen any reply to this from a developer in several days, does that mean that there is no fix for this or is support for this product just very behind and that's why it's taking so long to reply?
  6. Anyone else having issues with runways disappearing at certain angles? Or could support give me any hints as to what is causing this and how it might be resolved? Based on the replies on the ORBX forums, it seems that it has to do with Chaseplane or possibly just one of these things that one has to live with but I think and hope that there is some way to fix this besides stopping the use of Chaseplane 🙂
  7. Greetings all! I've been having an issue with runways disappearing at certain angles at a few ORBX region airports (smaller ones, usually with only one runway). I have posted on the ORBX forums and there are others that replied who are also using Chaseplane and have the same issue. Below is a copy of what I posted in the ORBX forums at: "I am using P3D v4.3 and I have the following ORBX products installed (all up to date): Libraries Global BASE Pack Global openLC North America Global Trees HD Global VECTOR All the NA regions except for southern Alaska About 2 dozen NA airports (though my issue doesn't happen at these airports) The issue is that at several smaller and usually one runway airports (not any of the paid ones) all around the ORBX regions, the runway disappears at certain viewing angles. I am using Chaseplane but this issue persists even when Chaseplane is turned off. Also, it happens with all aircraft. I don't recall all the airports that this has happened at but the ones I do know for sure are L54 and 1G4. I am including pics of the issue at L54 below. The same exact thing happens at 1G4 and several others. (The first pic is at L54 at the beginning of RWY 29, the second is about half way down RWY 29, and the 3rd one is at the same position as the second with a slightly different view angle)" Edit: I have tried different zoom levels and the issue persists.
  8. Greetings! I have already shut down Pilot2ATC so I might not be able to provide all the requested info for a bug report but here is what happened: Started at KTRM and set up, validated and filed a VFR plan to KPSP which is some 25 miles away. Called KPSP tower about 15 miles out (active COM showed KPSP Tower) and requested a straight in approach for runway 31R. Speech recognition understood my request for my approach exactly as I said it: straight in for 31R. ATC came back and approved my approach and told me to call when established on a 5 mile final to runway 35. KPSP only has 2 runways: 31R/13L and 31L/13R. I ended up just landing on 31R and as soon as I did, KPSP tower welcomed me to Palm Springs Int. and advised that I may have landed on the wrong runway 🙂 Edit: I want to add that I think somehow it got confused and gave me an approach for my departing airport. KTRM has a runway 35 which is where I took off from. Also, when I was given wind info by KPSP tower, it was the current info for KTRM and not KPSP.