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  1. Hi again, update - problem ist solved, as mysteriously as it appeared. I did two things, not sure which one did the trick: 1) Based on some error messages (not in context of the SIM) I figured out that some of my C++ runtime environment DLLs seemed to be corrupted. Re-installation of that solved these errors, Not sure if that relates to the SIM or PMDG though. 2) As I had read in other threads that sometimes flying the generic PMDG 747 livery first and then others seems to unlock/ resolve something. So I picked the PMDG generic 744 livery, and - there was the aircraft back alive. Working perfectly, everything as usual. Then also other liveries worked, also the 748 (despite I did not start that one with the generic livery), and also saved flights worked. So not sure whether corrupted DLLs were the problem, or using the default livery in between resolved something. Very strange though. Maybe this might still help others who might experience the same issue. Best regards Michael
  2. Hi, I've seen this issue being reported previously, but only on P3D. Sorry if this is a redundant post, I did not find a matching response though for FSX. So here is my problem: I've been running QOTS II with the 744 and 748 on FSX and Win10 all the time without problems. Now today all of a sudden, they do not load properly anymore. No matter whether I load a saved flight, or create a new flight, or just pick the aircraft and launch it on an airport, always the same happens: when the scenario is loaded, I sit in a dead cockpit, all dark and black, nothing can be clicked. Engines are running. In the outside view there is no gear visible. I know the situation that the panels don't load just from saved flights, that for whatever reason seem to get corrupted over time. But I never saw this happen at startup of a fresh new flight. I did not change anything lately, latest I did was installing FS2Crew weeks ago, but it did run properly all the time with that. Also tried to deactivate FS2Crew, this had no effect. Any solutions available for this issue? As a side remark: Also my ops center behaves strange, it frequently tells me about livery updates, but when I ask to show them, it never shows anything. Did not care about that too much, however, maybe another indicator what might go wrong here? Thanks and best regards Michael
  3. Hi, ok, this worked perfectly. Problem fixed, fast and easy solution, thanks a lot for the hint! Best, Michael
  4. Hi, just installed the latest 747 QoSII updates for FSX. Bad surprise - when launching the sim now, all installed repaints for both -400 and -8 are gone and all I have in the sim now are the native PMDG liveries. Do I now seriously re-install them all? Best regards Michael Schnubel
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