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  1. Ok Dave, I'll try to be more understandable Before to the last update, it was not possible to request a runway, departure, arrival or approach change. Since the last update, it is possible to request changes. => It's OK But: If I want to change the runway, approach or arrival, the choices offered by Speech assistant are departures and not arrival choices. In Speech Assistant I have: Request => Arrival runway request <CallSign> request departure runway <runway> Is my question more understandable? Vincent
  2. Hello, the option for changing the SID and / or STAR and / or approach procedure has been added in the last update, thank you. But I saw a problem, it is that for the options to change the approach there are sentences for the departures. Maybe the problem has already been reported? Thank you. Regards. Vincent
  3. Hello Dave, Thank you for your answer. I am very happy that the subject is covered for the next update. Thank you for your work. Regards. Vincent
  4. Hello, It seems to me that during a previous update, an option in the speech assistant window was added to ask to change the runway, approach and / or arrival. I just made a flight to Nantres (LFRS) where P2ATC gave me an NDB approach for runway 03. I wanted to ask ATC for a change of approach (RNav instead of NDB). I never had the opportunity in the speech assistant window to make my change request. Is this normal? In order to be able to request a change, do you first have to modify the flight plan? Could you help me and remind me of the procedure to request a change of arrival or runway or approach? Thank you. Regards. Vincent
  5. If I understood correctly, if the option "require P2A/SIM focus" is checked the "F2" key will only be active in P2ATC or in the SIM, so no interference with other programs or "F2" has a function? That's right? I conclude from this that it is better that the option "require P2A/SIM focus" is checked. This is the case for me.
  6. Hello Dave, I confirm that I am using version The problem is very random, most often, I run P2ATC, but I do not use it for a while, (time to prepare my flight) and it is at the moment when I start to need to contact the ATC I see that the command to display "Speech Assistant Window" does not work. Normally, I close P2ATC then I run it again and the function to open the window works again. But before yesterday, the problem was repeated many times during my flight. I'm sorry Dave, but I don't understand that: it is not clear to me. Thank's for your help. Regard's Vincent
  7. Hello, I have a problem with the buttons assignments for the pilot2ATC functions. Frequently, the button assignments disappear for no reason. Example with the "F2" key that I use to make appear or disappear "Speech Assistant Window", but all of a sudden, when I press F2, nothing happens. I will check in the button configuration menu and I note that F2 has disappeared for the requested function This problem is very unpleasant during a flight. Have you ever had this problem? Vincent
  8. I found my plane! Following Dave's answer, I thought the problem may have come from a recent Active Sky update. I redid the link with ASX as indicated in the Pilot2ATC manual. It works now. Thank you. Vincent PS: No I do not fly in the Bermuda triangle, I find that computer science is quite mysterious, I do not want to take the risk of losing everything !!!!
  9. Hello, I had a strange minor problem today. When I connected (Xplane 11) with Pilot2Atc The airplane icon on the map did not appear. Pilot2ATC functions seem to work properly, but the icon is no longer visible on the map. I made a flight yesterday without problem, this anomaly appeared today.?.? FYI, I ran Pilot2ATC as administrator. Have you ever seen this problem? Vincent
  10. Well done!! That's the problem. I was surprised because I had never had this problem before. Maybe the windows update is the cause, I don't know? Thanks for your suggestion Dave Regards. Vincent
  11. Hello, I have a little problem since yesterday, it also corresponed with a windows 10 update (update 2004), there may be a link?? I can no longer connect P2A with my simulator (Xplane 11). After some research, I succeeded to connect P2A to Xplane after reinstalling P2A. The problem is that I have to do the same thing (reinstalling P2A) before each new flight. Have you seen this problem? Regards. Vincent
  12. Hello Dave, With the R3, the problem is fixed. Thank you. Vincent
  13. Hello,Since the update 2.6, I can't to assign a door to an airline.Did anyone else notice this problem? Regards. Vincent
  14. Hello From the beginning I use Pilot2Atc, I do a Taxi Mnt import taxiways and import gates for the airports that I use, this allows to realign the taxiways. Since a few days, when I run the import taxiways, all the taxiways disappear, there are only the gates that remain. I use the MakeRwys program, but I am a little lost in the way of using it. Has anyone ever had this problem? Could you help me please? (I followed the indications of the guide P121; 122; 123 ...) Thank you. Regards. Vincent
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