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  1. vinsounet

    Taxi Mnt: Assign a door to an airline

    Hello Dave, With the R3, the problem is fixed. Thank you. Vincent
  2. Hello,Since the update 2.6, I can't to assign a door to an airline.Did anyone else notice this problem? Regards. Vincent
  3. vinsounet

    Taxi Mnt Problem?

    Hello From the beginning I use Pilot2Atc, I do a Taxi Mnt import taxiways and import gates for the airports that I use, this allows to realign the taxiways. Since a few days, when I run the import taxiways, all the taxiways disappear, there are only the gates that remain. I use the MakeRwys program, but I am a little lost in the way of using it. Has anyone ever had this problem? Could you help me please? (I followed the indications of the guide P121; 122; 123 ...) Thank you. Regards. Vincent
  4. vinsounet

    Problem with Pilot2Atc sound

    I confirm it'was the same problem. Now it's ok . Thank's Vincent
  5. vinsounet

    Problem with Pilot2Atc sound

    I go back this topic, No one has encountered this type of problem? Dave, do I have to send you a flight report? Regards. Vincent
  6. Hello, Since some flights, I've a problèm with Pilot2Atc sound, I don't hear any more or very indistincly differents contrôls. The problem is not clear, sometime the sound come back then, he disappear again. I think that occur since a important Windows 10 update. Would you have had or would you have endure this problem? regards Vincent
  7. vinsounet

    First Controlleur contact

    OK, I had switched the squawk in "Alt" position before take off, so now I switch it on "Active" position and it's OK. What is the "Alt" position? It's a "test" or "ident" position? Vincent
  8. Hello, Since I'm flyning with P2Atc, I saw that, at the first air traffic controlleur contact (whatever type of control), the controlleur say: "AirTestxxx good morning, Squwakzzzz" Is it intented? Is it the same for everybody? I expected rather to a sentence like that: "AirTestxxx good morning radar contact, continu your navigation..." (That mean your squwak is in Alt mode.) I saw also when you switch squwak mode to Off, Stby, Active, and again Alt, at the moment the controlleur say "radar contact". What is your opinion about the subject? Vincent
  9. vinsounet

    Altimeter Std switch

    Ok, great!! I've juste finish a flight (LFRS=>LFKB) P2Atc is really an advantage for Sim fly, and since I use it, never crash (for P2Atc). Vincent
  10. vinsounet

    Altimeter Std switch

    Hello, would it be possible to add a Std switch in the Altimeter panel? It would be useful. Vincent
  11. vinsounet

    Questions about ATC control

    Thanks you everyone for your answers, In first, I'm conscious of the hard work necessary to development for create a project like Pilot2Atc. In fact, as result of Pilot2Atc runs AI traffic very correctly in flight(flight info traffic is perfect), I was thinking that was the same for ground AI traffic , if I understand when we have clearance with Pilot2Atc for anything (in flight or on ground), the AI traffic who is manage by ATC Sim is not informed of my manoeuvre and so evolved without taking care of me. Steve, I understood your first answerbut in the end it's more difficult for me. What do you want to tell here? Regards. Vincent
  12. vinsounet

    Questions about ATC control

    Ok Dave thanks for the answer, Indeed, the control call me to execute a missed approach therefore Pilot2Atc execute his work perfectly!! Do you have some idea for a software that will manage the AI traffic the best possible?
  13. Hello every one, I've comment about ATC situation during landing: I am established on the ILS and clear to land, but the tower-control clear take-off for an other traffic.This situation seems unrealistic for me, perhaps exept if i'm fliyng with light aircraft in VFR conditions, and the traffic ready for take-off is a airliner. I use My traffic Professional can this affect P2ATC for traffic works? I've an other question, when i'm in control channel, (ground, tower, approch...) i'dont listen any AI traffic conversation, i've dont read in the Pdf manual anything about that, I've read how we can install background réalistc atc ambiance, but now about AI atc. Could you help or inform me about those questions? Many thank's. Vincent
  14. Hi, After installing DX10Scenery Fixer, I could not install the library, error message: After searching with SteveFx's help, I realized that it was the antivirus that was blocking the program. I did not think about the antivirus at the beginning of my research because I had never had a problem with him, the problem came after an update. To fix the problem (with bitdefender 2018) you need: - / open bitedefender - / click "see features" - / in the Safe Files section (bottom right) click on "access to the application" - / in this window, you will see all apps blocked by bitedefender, choose: dx10controller.exe and click the button to the right of the line to switch to "allow". - / then you can exit bitedefender, the problem is fixed. This manipulation allowed me to unlock other applications (EFB Aivlasoft for example). Many thanks to SteveFx who helped me solve my DX10Scenery Fix problem. Vincent