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  1. Havoc556

    LINDA support for Saitek panels!

    Will do, thanks.
  2. Havoc556

    LINDA support for Saitek panels!

    Hi there, I have been using Linda for around a month, experiemnting a little more each time. Absolutely love it! I have mapped a Razer Nostromo to operate all the buttons on the GPS, got all the switched set up on my Saitek multi panel and throttles to correspond to A2A's Commanche....(lots of sticky labels used all over my hardware!!! ) On issue I seem to have come across is the rotary know on the multi panel, regardless of what mode I select, CRS, HDG etc, it increments at a horribly slow rate! To the point where I have to abandon the panel an use the VC to mouse select. Have I missed something in the setup? Thanks, Kris
  3. I have a similar problem with all rotary know functions. It works, but increases extremely slowly so its practically unusable. Same issues in all aircraft, including default FSX ones.
  4. Havoc556

    Volair Sim UK?

    Hi there, I know this is a very old post but I'd love to know if yu managed to find a UK retailer for this. Cheers, Kris
  5. Thanks again, really helpful to know. I have my sim almost as I want it in that I can turn up, start up an fly....most of the time. I don't mind the wait so much though I do need to learn how to manage and layer my scenery more efficiently. I'm sure there's tonnes on that subject around here somewhere. Thanks again Jim. Kris
  6. Thanks for the advice Jim. Restarting the sim works for me and I'm back to good frame rates. It is a pain to do that after every flight, especially if I'm just testing out aircraft and scenery etc.....guess I'll just have to make my flights longer... . It really is easy to get caught in chasing the numbers so now fraps is off and I'm looking at smoothness. I will do some reading concerning VAS just to educate myself. Thanks again. Kris
  7. Hi all, I'm having an issue with FPS on FSX-SE. Now, whilst I realize everyone's experience is different due to set ups, I would be really interested in hearing if people have had any similar issues. When I start my first flight of the day I am getting around 45 - 60 FPS (I have disable FPS limiters in NI so I can see the max, its normally set to 30). I am using the usual compliment of addons, ORBX, Carenado, REX with Soft Clouds ASN. If I then exit the flight and reload the exact same situation I only get around 10 - 13 FPS. Nothing has change between the two flights. Weather, times, location, traffic etc are all identical. This will continue for every flight I load and the only way to recover is to restart FSX. Which I guess is OK but not a solution ,especially when online. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks in advance.