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  1. WAL187

    Manfred Jahn DC3/C47

    Thanks Alan. I'm assuming this will replace the virtual cockpit for all my current C-47/DC-3 liveries?
  2. WAL187

    Manfred Jahn DC3/C47

    I stumbled across a video from ehviator that showed a more modern cockpit (gauges, gps, seats, etc.). Does anyone have any information on this?
  3. WAL187

    Narsarsuaq X in P3D 3.4

    Hi all, It's been a while since this topic was first discussed, but it's new to me so I thought I'd revive it. Here is where I am: downloaded the Narsarsuaq X scenery into P3D v4.4. The airport and surrounding scenery look wonderful. However... The taxiways and ramp was below ground level, so I ran the AEC tool in Orbx and disabled the airport. This made the ramp and taxiway rise above everything else. I've deleted the aec_bgbw.inactive file (as recommended by p3d). The problem #3 still exists. I re-added the scenery, repeated step #2 and did not delete the aec_bgbw.inactive file. Problem #3 lives on. Any ideas? Have we finally found the limits of where old FSX scenery can go in terms of talking to P3D? Thanks for any help.
  4. Looks like that was the missing step. Thanks Izamm!
  5. Ok. I'm making progress. I have the new plane downloaded (V3.1406), but still no Ernie. I think I'm missing a step in activating the 64 bit sound pack. It appears that I have the folders and files listed above, but perhaps there is something I need to do in the panel to make sure the sim is using the correct sound pack?
  6. Thanks so much. I only just stumbled upon this a few days ago. I'll install and see if that helps 🙂
  7. Hello all, I'm really enjoying this aircraft, but have yet to figure out how to make the co-pilot feature work. I have the interphone on and am in a cold and dark state. When I hit Shift F7 I see the Checklists window pop up that should activate Ernie. I turn on Copilot Help and Captain Voice, but when I "click here to start" I don't hear anything. Anyone run across this problem yet? I'm not finding much on any forum/support site. Does it have something to do with my plane not loading cold and dark? I can't figure out how to do this also. I'm running p3d v4 with the Douglas_C-47_V3_12_Beta.zip download Thanks
  8. How about this. Is there a way to set up points about the airport where you can enable cinematic views? So they are centered around that point as opposed to your aircraft.?
  9. Hello all, I love the effect Chaseplane's Cinematic view gives of my plane. It is awesome for creating videos. Does anyone know if Chaseplane will allow you to "lock on" to another airplane near by and watch it using the same Cinematic view features? I want to be able to watch planes coming in for a landing as I'm parked at the terminal. Thanks in advance
  10. WAL187

    saitek flight yoke disconnects

    Have you made any headway in dealing with this problem?