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  1. How can I do that? I am getting the same error.
  2. Benjamin Bavel


    Hey guys, I've got a problem. I have apparently reached the limit on the number of times I can install my PMDGT7. Problem is, I am reinstalling on the same computer. Is there anything I can do to activate my installation? Benny
  3. Benjamin Bavel

    P3D V3.2 Aerosoft Heathrow problem

    Thank you! You helped me out big time!
  4. Benjamin Bavel

    P3D and WoAI?

    Can I get a link to the thread that explains how to install WOAI for P3D V3?
  5. Benjamin Bavel

    PMDG 777 not working with LINDA/MCP2a (edited)

    I've had the same problem as well... Trying to setup the MCP Combo with Linda and my PMDG777 on P3D and nothing happens. Appreciate some help here.
  6. Benjamin Bavel

    777 for P3D V3

    Thanks 77west. I am still new and I can't add a signature or change my username. I'll check out the PMDG store... Benjamin Bavel
  7. Benjamin Bavel

    777 for P3D V3

    Hey guys, I have the 777 Base for P3D V2.X. I was wondering if we will be getting an upgrade / compatible version for the new P3D V3 that was just released? Couldn't find anything yet so I believe I am the first one posting this question. Benny