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  1. Pablojc

    QW-787 module beta

    Hello everyone, Another error that must be corrected in Linda_action.lua is: - $$ Runway Light Both function QW_OH_LT_Both_RWYTF_on () QW_OH_LT_L_RWYTF_on () QW_OH_LT_R_RWYTF_on () end function QW_OH_LT_Both_RWYTF_off () QW_OH_LT_L_RWYTF_off () The original is ON QW_OH_LT_R_RWYTF_off () the original is ON end regards
  2. Pablojc

    QW-787 module beta

    With Linda 3.0.6 now everything works Ok. Thanks for your support. Regards Pablo
  3. Pablojc

    QW-787 module beta

    Hi Andrew, fsuipcX.log file send. The delay problem, is with all buttons and switches. Pressing several buttons in succession increases the response delay. Again, thank you for your time. Regards Pablo
  4. Pablojc

    QW-787 module beta

    I already sent the file. Regards
  5. Pablojc

    QW-787 module beta

    Hi Andrew First of all, thanks for this update for the QW-787. I recently installed it and everything is fine but after assigning buttons and switches in my Saitek panels, I have 4 seconds of delay in the execution. What could be happening? I'm using Linda v3.05, W7-64 / FSX Thanks in advance.
  6. Pablojc

    New User - Saitek PTT Button Using Linda

    Hello Rkillins, I'm using this app for many years, and it's very easy to use: joytokey recommended I hope it helps you. Regards.
  7. Pablojc

    Recall error

    Hello everyone My solution was the recommended one: Load NGX DEFAULT, then turn off the entire aircraft as cold and dark and create a new State Panel called "NEW CLDDRK". Save and place the new Panel Status ("NEW CLDDRK") in "STARTUP STATE" so that when you start the 737 load your new Cold and Dark custom. It's very simple, and the best ... IT WORKS !! Regards. English by Google translator
  8. Pablojc

    Module Requests - please read

    Hello Guenseli, thank you for your continuous and hard work in the development of this tool. As you may know, the new QualityWinds 787 is a reality and it is wonderful to fly it. Do you think it is possible to create the LINDA module for this plane ?. Thank you very much for your consideration. Regards, Paul
  9. Pablojc

    Problem with the LUA display (german/english)

    Ok Benne, I will follow Scott's recommendation and copy your German text Thank you.
  10. Pablojc

    Problem with the LUA display (german/english)

    Understood, thanks both for the answer. Now I will copy your file and see how it works. Any problem I write to you. thanks both for the help Paul
  11. Pablojc

    Problem with the LUA display (german/english)

    Scott and Ben36 thank you for your response. Now I ask: is it necessary to have FS2Crew installed or does it work without it? If necessary, I will have to install it because I do not have it. Thanks Paul
  12. Pablojc

    Problem with the LUA display (german/english)

    Hi benne36, I was reading your post and it seems interesting to me. I would like to test your program for the Pre flight in my PMDG 737-800 and my question is, in which file should I place the parameters ?. What are the steps to follow to make it work ?. Thank in advance. Paul.
  13. If clear, I followed your instructions and as I comment, try to use only LINDA with the Multi panel (without SPAD). The problem is that now I can move the rotary button to alt, hdg, .. and it works but now the buttons do not work to activate the functions for Alt, Hdg ... etc. I am very tangled and apologize for my ignorance on the subject. That's why I wanted to know if you can get a manual for the configuration of Linda for the mutli panel without SPAD. Thanks Scot for your patience. Regards Paul
  14. Hi Scot I did what you suggested for the multipanel, but I do not know how to program it to be able to use the rotary knob and to set the values to ALT, HDG, NAV. Also the buttons to select the different functions do not work . I tried, but I can not make it work with LINDA. Would it be possible to get instructions on how to do it? Thanks in advance Paul.
  15. Ok Scot, I'll do what you suggest to see if I can solve it. Thank you Paul