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  1. Tanks BIGSKY for your answer. I am using the saitek throttle levers and after the PMDG update they stopped accelerating the engines
  2. My PMDG 737-700/900 the problem now is that when I move the throttle levers up and the engine do nothing, there is no power Has anyone had this problem Regards
  3. Hello everyone, I have the same problem, after the last MSFS update on my PMDG 737-7/9, the entire cockpit does not respond. No lever moves or button can be pressed. He also doesn't turn any of the knobs. I already created a ticket in PMDG but they have not yet given me a response.
  4. I also wanted to ask if PMDG's customer service is as bad as they are showing me? I have sent them 3 emails in almost a month to see if they can help me solve the problem of hot brakes on the 737-900 when starting cold and dark and I have not received a response.
  5. Thank you markmasterson for your response. The problem is that when starting the FS and the plane in Colddark mode, the brakes are already overheated. I tried to fix it from maintenance but it does nothing.
  6. Hello everyone, I recently bought the 737-900 (MSFS2020) and I have a problem that every time I try to fly, the brakes are always hot and the plane doesn't move unless I bring the throttles to 80%. I also have the 737-700 and this does not happen. I already wrote to PMDG support (two weeks ago) but I have not received a response. I think they are not very good at customer service. Thanks to whoever can help me.
  7. Hi Andrew, more doubts. After installing FSIUPC7, LINDA for MSFS and the module for PMDG 737-700, none of the buttons or switches are recognized on the aircraft panel. Is it necessary to have the paid version of FSUIPC7 for it to work? Thanks for your reply.
  8. Thanks ScotFlieger for replay. I bought FSUIPC years ago, can I update to the latest version or do I have to buy it again?
  9. Hello Pilots. Before, with my MFSX I used the Saitek panels and pedals and with LINDA and FSUIPC I could configure all the buttons and levers and other functionalities. I would like to know, if now with these new developments, I can use my SAITEK panels and levers with the MSFS2020 and PMDG 737-700? Thanks and best regards.
  10. Buenas tardes a todos. Hace poco mas de 3 meses tuve que reinstalar el PMDG 737 y me acabo de dar cuenta que ya no me muestra la estela de condensacion cuando estoy en altitudes superiores a los FL300. Instale todo como siempre pero no se que podra ser. En el 747 y 777 si me salen por lo que pienso que podria ser algun archivo dañado o faltante?.. Espero sus comentarios y gracias por adelantado.
  11. Hi Ben, Yes, is present in "OVERHEAD ENGINE START", module v4.12 Regards
  12. I have it set to 1 button in my Saitek throttle quadrant in this way in LINDA: On Press- QW OH ELE APU start On Release- QW OH ELE APU on I hope it helps you. regards
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