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  1. hi guys, i have purchased Logitech quadrant few days ago. BUT The flap moves when the throttle is operated because it is too small. anyone could you please recommend BEST kit 737 for quadrant?
  2. hello guys. i m using envshade so cannot use tomato shade but i really like tomato dynamic reflection. so i applied it alone but aircraft looks black. is there a solution?
  3. 간격에 문제가 없게 해보았습니다. 재부팅후 잘 작동합니다. 고맙습니다. thank you so much well working after reboot system
  4. 재작성 해보았는데도 여전히 실행시에 작동을 하지 않습니다 ...
  5. 별개로 작동하게 끔 하는 스크립트가 맞는가요?
  6. if use script , add to EXE.xml automacally?
  7. hello guys. i has set like this . but doesnt work when start P3d V4 . do i miss something?
  8. hello. today i updated to v27. and i tried to apply RD preset but this error was printed Shader integrity invalid for PrecipParticle.fx previously , i had installed REX SKYFORCE,ENVTEX ,ASCA. maybe these addons cause of problem? (cannot access to restore original shaders , apply preset)
  9. so , everyone no using any shader addons?
  10. anyone had been tested it? i know everyone using SKYFORCE . LOL
  11. hello. thank u butI seem to have misunderstood my question. i want to use only one moniter(have set 2) . U2718Q. never to use second monitor.
  12. yes i tried it. but it is somes like .. Anti-aliasing does not seem to apply and something is strange
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